Marilu Henner

Marilu Henner


4/6/1952, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.

Birth Name

Mary Lucy Denise Henner


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Marilu was born Mary Lucy Pudlowski in Chicago, IL. She was the third of six children born to Joe (a car salesman) and Loretta Henner (a dance instructor). She attended the University of Chicago for 3 years, before dropping out to pursue her Broadway acting career.



Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Marilu has been nominated for 3 Razzie awards. All 3 were for Worst Supporting Actress in the movies Cannonball Run II (1984), Rustler's Rhapsody (1985), and Perfect (1985).

    • Both actress Fran Drescher and actor Michael Caine have tried Marilu's diet.

    • Both of Marilu's parents have passed away. Her father died in 1969 of a heart attack. And her mother died in 1978 of spinal cord degeneration.

    • Marilu is 5'7".

    • Marilu and actress Rhea Perlman starred together in the Broadway production of The Tale of the Allergist's Wife. Perlman is the wife of Marilu's Taxi co-star Danny Devito.

    • In 2002, Marilu claimed that Sting was her favorite musical artist, and at the time, Fragile was her favorite song.

    • Marilu developed specific exercises for people living with Parkinson's disease because she had an uncle who suffered from the disease for over 20 years.

    • For her work on Taxi, Marilu recieved 5 Golden Globe nominations.

    • In her autobiography, Marilu admits to affairs with many of her Taxi costars, including Tony Danza and Judd Hirsch.

    • Marilu's autobiography is titledBy All Means, Keep On Moving. It was released in 1994 in hardback and 1995 in paperback.

    • Michael Brown proposed to Marilu from his hospital bed after surviving surgery for lung cancer.

    • Marilu's mother, Loretta, was president of the National Association of Dance and Affiliated Arts (NADAA). So, dance has always been an important part of Marilu's life. This serves her well as the host of PBS's American Ballroom Challenge.

    • Marilu co-starred in Cannonball Run II with Burt Reynolds in 1984, before they starred together in Evening Shade from 1990-1994.

    • Marilu has raised both of her kids as vegetarians (as part of her healthy eating and living campaign).

    • Marilu claims her favorite episode of Taxi is "Shut It Down".

    • Marilu dated John Travolta before he starred in Grease, while they were both struggling actors in New York. They dated again in 1985. They remain good friends.

    • Marilu married one of her former college classmates, Michael Brown, in December, 2006. The couple married before 100 people in Marilu's home in Los Angeles.

  • Quotes

    • Marilu: (On beauty tips)
      Honestly, you can't buy it in a store. Nothing is more important than sleep, water, and a good digestive system. Nothing will show up on your skin more than what's going on inside your body.

    • Marilu: I grew up with a mom who made us take naps when we came home from school so we could stay up late and watch movies with her. My all-time favorite is Singing in the Rain. Once you start watching it, you can't look away.

    • Marilu: (On her career as a healthy living guru)
      To me, health is the new frontier. We've tried everything else. Why don't we just go to health? Why don't we just do what we should have been doing all along? Instead of looking for a magic pill, or a magic product, magic diet – or a magic protein bar that keeps all day in your car...someone needs to bring all this together and that's my goal – that is my mission.

    • Marilu: You know, one of the biggest thrills I have is when famous people recognize me from Taxi. When I was working with George C. Scott on The Titanic, he knew every episode! He would quote lines from it, and I was so flattered because I couldn't believe it was such a classic to him.

    • Marilu: [On Andy Kaufman] He was like the bad boy in school that you just can't help enjoying.

    • Marilu: Wherever my career takes me, I know I'll love getting there, because ever since I was 2 1/2 years old, I knew that this was all I ever wanted to do.

  • I love Marilu Henner

    I first saw Marilu Henner in 1978, when "Taxi" debut. She isn't my favorite star. but she is very sexy in a way. Her sexy presence can ment a room. I watch "Taxi" not because of the laufgs, but because of Marilu Henner. I came upon a recent picture of Henner and she was very gorgeous. I can't take my eyes off her. Henner is just a beautiful woman. She went though two Tv series and come off those series as a good-looking woman. I even love her sexy name. I hope I can see those "Taxi" reruns again. I hope I can get myself another picture of Marilu Henner. She's Gorgeous.moreless