Marilyn Milian

Marilyn Milian


5/1/1961, Queens, NY

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Marilin Milian, Judge Milian, Judge Marilin
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Marilyn joined The People's Court in January of 2001. Had 16 years of experience before hand. She is married and has children and pets. She loves animals, and is particular to cat/animal cases on the court show. She can speak Spanish and sometimes has sayings that she says…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • She skipped a grade, 3rd, in elementary.

    • She is known to add humor to The People's Court and add drama when needed.

    • She was appointed to the Miami Circuit Court by Jeb Bush. Here, she served in the Criminal Division in 1999.

    • Marilyn's father, Jorge, always watches court shows. Jorge says, "I have never missed a single episode. I tape it everyday and watch it at night." Jorge and Marilyn's family are very proud of what she has accomplished.

    • One thing Marilyn is known for saying often on The People's Court when litigants do not listen or interrupt her is "Did I breathe and give you the impression I was done speaking?"

    • Marilyn intended on going to college to major in psychology. However, her mother told her that she was actually a better talker than listener. This made Marilyn reconsider her career choice.

    • She was born in New York, although her family moved to Florida when she was young. Marilyn currently lives in Florida even though she tapes The People's Court in New York.

    • Marilyn can speak Spanish fluently and there are times on The People's Court when she speaks Spanish to a litigant and then tells them what it means in English. Sometimes, the sentences she speaks in Spanish are more meant to add humor to the show.

    • She graduated the University of Miami summa cum laude and was at the top of her class. Her grade average was a 4.0.

    • Marilyn started The People's Court during January of 2001. When she first started, she already had over 16 years of legal experience.

    • Her parents' names are Jorge and Georgina.

    • Marilyn got an undergraduate degree from the University of Miami.

    • Marilyn attended Harvard Law School for one year although she got her law degree from from Georgetown Law School.

    • In elementary school, Marilyn had actually been able to skip 3rd grade.

    • On The People's Court, Marilyn is known to sometimes end a case with a saying "Stick a fork in me I am done". She uses this a lot on the show when litigants do not stop talking.

    • Her parents were both born in Cuba.

    • Her third daughter, Sofia Elena, was born on November 28, 2001.

    • Marilyn's husband, John Schlesinger, is a Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Florida.

    • Marilyn has three daughters. Their names are Cristina, Alexandra, and Sofia Elena.

    • Even though her schedule is crazy - she lives in Florida but films in New York City - Marilyn takes time after every taping to come out and greet the audience, thank them for coming, and answer any questions they might have.

    • Marilyn Milian attented the University of Miami for her undergrad degree. She graduated cum laude from Georgetown Law School.

    • Marilyn: Any Judge identifies more with a case that has something to do with their lives. I love all animals in general, but the cats are the ones that play my heartstrings, because that's the pet I have had since I was a child.

    • Marilyn: I get more emotionally involved in cat cases, because I think of my own cats, and the ones I have rescued.

    • Marilyn: I cried in church one day not too long ago, thinking about what I had possibly done to deserve this. Maybe in my past life I was somebody like Mother Teresa. But in fact, I think I was just the right cha-cha at the right time.

    • Marilyn: My brother says it's all me, but more of me. My husband says it's me without the handcuffs.

    • Marilyn: After two decade of white men in this job, they were actually looking forward for a Latina. I think that shows we're getting somewhere.

    • Marilyn: Where you are going, I have already been, sat down, had a soda, and came back.

    • Marilyn occasionally quotes her Cuban born mother, usually with a wise and lengthy saying that shows that the wool can't be pulled over her eyes.

    • Marilyn: Yes, I have it all because I have a family that loves me and I love them. That's why I have it all, the job is merely icing on the cake.

    • Marilyn: I found a husband who married me despite my faults, children who think I have no faults, and a job that pays me because of my faults. I mean it's perfect.

    • Marilyn: There was some concern that I didn't look Latina enough. It hurt me, but I am a realist also. I know that they wanted to appeal to the Latina culture.

    • Marilyn is an avid boater and workout enthusiast.

    • Marilyn was the honorary Judge for Washington's Teachers Making A Difference campaign.

    • Marilyn lends her support to many community and philanthropic organizations.

    • Marilyn was the recipiant of The Survivors Of Hope Award.

    • Marilyn was in the middle of a 1st Degree murder trial, when The Peoples Court called.

    • Marilyn played a Judge on the soap opera As The World Turns.

    • Marilyn lives in Coral Gables, Florida.

    • Marilyn replaced Judge Jerry Sheindlin as Judge on The Peoples Court in 2001.

    • Marilyn was appointed to the Miami Circuit Ciurt by Jeb Bush in 1999.

    • Marilyn is the first Hispanic judge to sit on the bench of any English Language Court television show.

    • Marilyn is the fourth judge on The Peoples Court.

    • Marilyn is the first female judge to preside over The Peoples Court.

  • Quotes

    • Marilyn Milian: I did college in three years, I skipped the third grade, I've always had this race, and one day life drops something out of left field. My life, which had always been so focused, had just opened up. And I'm gonna ride this out. I will never have a gig like this again!

    • Marilyn Milian: Without a doubt, I have no regrets. I see more of my family now than when I was a sitting judge here in the 11th Judicial Circuit. I have the rest of the week to devote to my family.

    • Marilyn Milian: When you are a real judge on the bench, you try real hard not to react to everything, not to speak your mind to everything. When you are a television judge, the handcuffs are off. Not only do I get to say what is on my mind, my producers insist on it!

    • Marilyn Milian: I am excited to become the first female judge of the longest-running court show on the air. I am also honored to be the first Judge to represent the Hispanic culture on television...During my service in the Courts, I found the small claims cases to be the most rewarding. Hopefully with my firm grip on the issues, plus a little humor, the viewers at home can learn something.

  • sometimes very unfair and racist

    Two identical cases: In one, a white guy sues white guy for return of deposit money, in other, a black guy sues white guy for same. In the white only case, plaintiff has put down money on a dog. In black/ white case, on a vehicle.

    In the all-white case, plaintiff has angered defendant by not picking dog up on an agreed upon date, and for changing the agreed upon date several times. He therefore sells dog to someone else, but won't give plaintiff his deposit back.

    In case number two, there IS NO AGREED UPON DATE of pickup for the vehicle. The black man's job is sporadic; so being unsure of when exactly he can make the final payment, (he guesstimates two months) he offers seller not only the full Craig's List asking price for the car, but offers an additional three hundred dollars for the white man's patience. He even puts this in writing. Sounds pretty fair, right? White seller, however, gets annoyed when black guy goes over, by about six weeks, his guesstimated payment time. He then sells car to someone else, and refuses the black guy his deposit money back.

    What does Judge Fairness do in these cases?

    In case number one, white guy gets his full deposit (of about one or two hundred dollars) back - no problem. In case number two, judge tells black guy that he took too long to pay up, and gets ZERO of his one thousand and four hundred dollars back !!

    Gross miscarriage of justice here.moreless