Marin Hinkle

Marin Hinkle


3/23/1966, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Africa

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Marin Hinkle wanted to be a ballerina until an ankle injury prevented her from dancing at the age of 16 years old. She then decided to become an actress but still pursued her studies and went to Brown University and NYU. She got some roles in different plays…more


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    • Marin Hinkle: I think that every role I get to play sort of shows a new side of what I love. I don't have a specific kind of character that I have to play. Like I said, the best thing in the world for me is to jump back and forth between somebody that's maybe shy, or vulnerable, to somebody who's strong and feisty, to someone who's comedic and goofy. You know sometimes that is not seen as an asset because people get confused with what kind of actor you are.

    • Marin Hinkle: I don't really watch TV much, and didn't really grow up with watching TV, so it's been rather humorous for me to try and understand how to be a TV actor, because I don't have a lot of history in being able to compare the show to other shows, you know, that I watched growing up.

  • Casting of two and a half men is superb.

    Brilliant casting of Two and a half men. They found a pig marin, who plays her real life! An exceptional achievement. An amazingly true-to-life personage animal :)

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  • Hinkle is Brillant in this role.

    Hinkle is Brillant in this role. I have balways enjoyed her in this role But I did not nreally apprectiate her until I saw in two other roles. I even had to check to that it was Hinkle.... She looked like Hinkle... BUT I saw her in a whole new light. Hinkle seems to play off the other cast members extremely well and, for me, she steals a whole bunch of seens with her phyiscal acting and facial expressions. Hinkle comes across as sexy, crazed, and caring all in this one role. I just think she plain plays this role to the hilt. Hinkle has only made laugh more and more over time and in the reruns.moreless