8/27/1986, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Birth Name

Mario Dewar Barrett



Also Known As

Mario Barrett
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Mario Dewar Barrett is an American pop and R&B singer. He is known best for his singles "Just A Friend", which is a cover of the famous Biz Markie song, "Let me Love You", and "How Do I Breathe". "Just A Friend" and "Let Love You" won him…more


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    • Mario: It's my life. I'm not ashamed of what I've come from, the things that I've gone through. As an artist, you're out in public anyway. People find out about things, but they put their own twist on what they think it is. Nobody can tell your story better than you. And I think that there comes a time in every artist's life, especially artists who've been in the game for a long time, when nobody can tell my story better. This is what drives me, the things that I've been through.

    • Mario: My catalog is sick right now. However, every day there's a new revelation, every day is a new concept. I'm always workin' on different material. I don't think I could ever do enough material.

    • Mario: When I got into acting, they usually ask you to use your full name, and so I wanted to see my full name up on the screen, during the credits.I decided to do that for the acting, but in a staff meeting with J Records (Mario's record label) it came up that I should use my full name for the new album. They thought it would make the album more personal. I just felt like I had time for that, and decided not to do it.

    • Mario: Akon and I worked on an introspective record, called "Do Right." Akon masters doing real songs about real issues, and writing them so that they are relatable to all types of people-in all cultures. What we did was take a lot of personal issues that I have and we used his expertise to bring that across in the music, because it is real in a way that people can relate to. I really-I definitely think he's god gifted. I enjoyed working with him, man. It's just his insight. He has a lot of insight. He's a real dude-a real dude…some people no matter how much success the get, they don't lose that realness. I gotta send a big shout out to Polo, and Pharrell

    • Mario: Being in my professional position. I've been in a relationship, where I had to be on the road a lot and wow…that right there is really hard when you are 19 or 20 years old. I'm a very social person, and a lot of times I'll be intrigued by the different type of women I meet, and all their personalities. It's like kryptonite. I had to do a record that explains trying to save a relationship, but at the same time dealing with obstacles. It's just like Superman with kryptonite--kryptonite was the death of him and it's just a cool metaphor.

    • Mario: The worst rejection is when I'm talking to a girl who doesn't want to hear what I am saying, and just walks away.

    • Mario: I don't drink when I go out to party - no way. I don't need alcohol to have a good time.

    • Mario: My mother heard me singing, and at first, she thought it was the radio playing loud. When she came downstairs, she was shocked to see that it was me.