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  • Overated.Has been.

  • Mario Lopez never ages!

    Is it just me or does Mario Lopez just never age! I haven't seen him for a while and just saw this picture and he looks like he did on "Saved By The Bell!"
  • Nice as Slater, but going down hill.

    Mario Lopez was a good add-on as Slater on Saved by the bell, but unfortunately he didn't lose hiss's teenage looks after he hit hiss's 20's which is why he didn't get many acting gigs after the show went off the air in the 90's.

    Mario's agent should have made his consider gone into modeling when hiss's acting career was not going well.

    If he did that then, he wouldn't have to keep his career alive today by flashing his ass everywhere not that it isn't nice, but show you that he's clinging to a dying career. Much like his fellow cast members.
  • He is so cool!!!!!!!!

    Mario Lopez is one of the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And that 's what I think of him. And I heard that he can speak fluent Spanish. And that is just awesome!!!!!! It's a shame that the only serie that I saw (where he starred in) was Saved by the bell. And that was an awesome show!!!
  • You gotta love him

    Mario is a very talanted actor that has hit our screens today. He plays each part he gets with conviction and talent. He makes you believe in each role he plays. You want to love him in the parts where he is the teddy bear actor and hate him when he plays a bad guy. He is not used enough in films where he can show his talent off more. He portrays characters that don't have lots of depths at times. He needs a great role where he can be seen as the actor he is
  • I love mario lopez so much.

    he is so cute. he is a great actore and he is funny. he was a great host on pet star he was great on saved by the bells. he is just a great actore. i hope he is in more in the near future. he is such a great actore. and he is so cute.
  • One of our bright,promising actor's that will shine.

    I have watched Mario since he was young and he has always been a great actor but as he became older and more mature, the series and shows he took on showed his talent even more. I believe because he is so great looking he is not given a fair chance in the acting world. Mario seems to be a wonderful young man with a lot of special qualities including the fact that he is very family oriented. We always hear about him going home to be with his family and how they truly support him in everything he does. When he was on Dancing with Stars he was the best dancer and should have won. My heart broke for him when he lost because it wasn't fair, matter of fact it seemed pretty dirty to me. Mario deserved better and I hope he gets bigger and better chances in his future.
  • he is such a GREAt host on America's Best Dance Crew

    even though he has corny jokes, he is a good host and is really funny. it's a good thing he smiles, unlike other hosts on a reality show. good job mario, he is also hot. good job mario good job mario good job mario good job mario good job mario good job mario good job mario good job mario good job mario good job mario good job mario good job mario good job mario good job mario good job mario good job mario good job mario good job mario good job mario good job mario good job mario good job mario good job mario
  • Very cool person to meet!

    I first saw Mario when he was on Kids Inc., playing the drums. He would later play drums on Saved By The Bell 5 times. Liked that drum solo he played on "Miss Bayside".

    Back in September 1991, I even got to meet Mario Lopez over @ Crossroads Mall in San Antonio, Texas. I got the funds after winning $475 at bingo, so I bought a Greyhound ticket & packed my snare drum kit. He was kind enough to autograph my snare drum head, play my snare & take a pic with me! It was worth traveling from Houston to go meet him!