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  • Man on Fire

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 3 - 10/11/16

    The murder of a decorated petty officer inside a sports arena leads the team to discover evidence linking the crime to the kidnapping of another petty officer who was last seen in Mexico.

  • Reality Check

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 13 - 11/16/15

    A murder during the taping of a reality show is investigated by the team in a case that personally impacts Sanchez. Meanwhile, Rusty meets Slider's lawyer.

  • Anjelah Johnson

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 7 - 7/20/13

    Actress and comedian Anjelah Johnsons got a lot to cheer about these days. The YouTube sensation shares more than a few jokes as she opens up about family, faith and going from chola wannabe to stand-up comedy standout.moreless
  • Star Turn

    Full Episode

    S 7 : Ep 9 - 9/5/11

    Brenda and her team investigate what led to a father's disappearance, just as his daughter's single was about to rocket to the top of the charts. Brenda has an opportunity to make her lawsuit disappear by settling with the family who brought it against her, but the deal may not be as good as advertised.

  • Hit and Run

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 1 - 6/19/11

    As Jane anxiously waits for Grayson to wake up from his coma she is assigned a case where she where she has to clear a celebrity of leaving the scene of a hit and run accident involving a 13 year old girl.

    Kim takes on the case of a former client wanting to sue the husband for something that happened after the divorce.
  • Kentucky Kita

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 8 - 8/22/10

    Terrell goes to Louisville, Kentucky with Kita and meets her family. During their trip they go to the Kentucky Derby which sparks interest in buying a horse; In Los Angeles, Kita and Mo go to blows.moreless
  • Briggette Reinholt

    Full Episode

    S 6 : Ep 3 - 10/28/09

    Sean makes a life changing decision. Christian gives advice on relationships to Mike.
  • Enigma

    Full Episode

    S 6 : Ep 2 - 10/21/09

    Christian and Kimber start doing business together. Meanwhile, Sean is struggling to find a way to fix his insomnia.
  • Don Hoberman

    Full Episode

    S 6 : Ep 1 - 10/14/09

    Sean and Christian struggle to keep McNamara/Troy successful in this declining economy. Meanwhile, Matt and Kimber have mixed results in their career paths, as Sean keeps himself distant from Teddy.
  • Boo Cocky

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 16 - 9/7/08

    Conan tells us "What is Best in Life" with a song. The Nerds find out Revenge comes with a price. President Jenna Bush trades the Oil Crisis for the Corn Crisis. The "Saved By The Bell" kids meet Jigsaw from "Saw," and Screech will never be the same. The Borg track the Enterprise to its hiding place...Las Vegas' "Star Trek Experience".moreless
  • He Said/She Said

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 5 - 9/1/08

    When Keely makes comments about Nick, Nick and Ania bite back.
  • Holiday In Handcuffs



    When Trudie, a tense, stressed-out waitress and an aspiring painter, gets dumped by her boyfriend, her parents look down at her. But, when she is about to get a nervous breakdown, she kidnaps a customer at the restaurant she works at. When she has him in her possession, she forces him to pretend to be her boyfriend so her parents will not think she is single. But, when they begin a relationship, things could go bad.moreless
  • George Can't Let Sleeping Mexicans Lie

    Full Episode

    S 6 : Ep 15 - 4/24/07

    The Lopez family strikes out against a new neighbor who's decorated his front lawn with an offensive art display, Meanwhile, George and Angie run into an old friend who takes an interest in Veronica.moreless
  • Diana Lubey

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 12 - 11/21/06

    Even though he doubts his ability to maintain a long term relationship Christian proposes to Michelle and a lonely Sean takes a pathological case for rationalities that have as much to do with himself as with the patient, and James requires to use McNamara/Troy for her own operations.moreless
  • Monica Wilder

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 3 - 9/19/06

    Sean and Julia are looking for a nanny. Sean wants to turn to Christian for support after his hidden desires are revealed. But, Chistian is pre-occupied with his own worries about being too fat.moreless
  • Episode #208

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 8 - 5/10/06

    As with tradition Carlos takes a look back at the second season so far. He helps us understand how he comes up with the stuff for his shows, with some flashbacks.
  • Episode #201

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 1 - 3/22/06

    Carlos tells all in his rendition of Wetback Mountain. With people afraid of getting old Carlos advises them to Act Your Age.
  • Hi Mom

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 8 - 11/17/03

    When J.T.'s mother walks in on him and Shelly in bed, Shelly fears their romance will sour unless she can win his mother's acceptance and respect, and Rita breaks up with her "perfect man" when their sexual role-playing typecasts her as the submissive one.moreless
  • S.N.A.F.U.

    Full Episode

    S 5 : Ep 22 - 4/9/00

    While Russ, Bobby, Monica and Jamie are out tracking pot growers in the Santa Monica mountains, Chris Kelly returns to visit a wounded T.C. Callaway, who's fighting addiction to pain pills, as well as kidnap victim Cory McNamara. All hell breaks loose when Chris finds out T.C. slept with her best friend, Cory, and that Cory doesn't know if her pregnancy is the result of Will Blake or T.C. Callaway. The season-ending cliffhanger occurs when Cory opens the blood test results to find out which one is the father.moreless
  • Blind Eye

    Full Episode

    S 5 : Ep 21 - 4/2/00

    T.C., now hooked on painkillers from being shot in the leg, leads Pacific Blue on the trail of a potential serial killer who preys on young runaways that he locates via the Internet. Cory and Monica convince a woman psychic, who used to help the police back East, into helping on the case.moreless
  • Kidnapped

    Full Episode

    S 5 : Ep 20 - 3/19/00

    Cory learns she is pregnant, but is unsure whether the father is T.C. Callaway, a one night stand, or Will Blake, her District Attorney boyfriend. Before she can tell either one, she's kidnapped by two jewel thieves who offer to let her go in exchange for the release from jail of their ace safecracker, who happens to be a crazy, violent, female bodybuilder (played by WWF superstar Chyna). T.C. is shot in the leg while saving Cory McNamara.moreless
  • Betrayal

    Full Episode

    S 5 : Ep 19 - 3/12/00

    Bobby Cruz' sister, Teresa, witnesses the suicide of a high school classmate and begins to fall under the spell of the girl's manipulative boyfriend. An ambitious rookie cop, recently assigned to Pacific Blue, turns out to be a spy for Internal Affairs. Things get complicated when he's let into the young Pac Blue officers' scheme to frame a ruthless drug dealer.moreless
  • Disrobed

    Full Episode

    S 5 : Ep 18 - 3/5/00

    After Russ and Bobby arrest a murder suspect, the trial lands before hanging Judge J. Gunnar Halloran. After tossing the weapon because of an illegal search, the heat is turned up on Bobby and Russ, who are accused of planting evidence. The case is further hampered by the fact that Judge Halloran has fallen in love with the exotic dancer sent to blackmail him into releasing the defendant.moreless
  • Fifty-Nine Minutes

    Full Episode

    S 5 : Ep 17 - 2/27/00

    When a pretty 15 year old girl is kidnapped from a shopping mall parking lot, Cory and the rest of the unit must band together to find her within 59 minutes. The officers must deal with the hysterical mother and false leads before their 59 minutes is up.moreless
  • A Thousand Words

    Full Episode

    S 5 : Ep 16 - 2/20/00

    Russ and Cory go undercover in the ugly, violent world of the Nazis, trying to catch the killers of several African-American and Mexican young men. Jamie goes undercover and tries to protect a young boy, a very talented photographer, who has captured a meeting between two powerful adversaries.moreless
  • Kangaroo Court

    Full Episode

    S 5 : Ep 15 - 2/13/00

    Jamie's sister Jennie returns to Santa Monica, but is kidnapped by young juveniles. The guy Jamie is dating is somehow involved, also the dirty narc Detective Perry Marcus.
  • Double Vision

    Full Episode

    S 5 : Ep 14 - 2/6/00

    A female radio talk show host witnesses a murder on her way home. As the killers are about to shoot her too, TC saves her life. But the flash from his gun blinds the woman. TC becomes obsessed with protecting her due to his guilt and her resemblance to the love of his life, Chris Kelly. The woman doesn't know he's the one who robbed her from her sight, she just thinks he's a caring cop. This leads to a romance. But after a while the woman's sight beings to return.moreless
  • Swimming in the Dead Pool

    Full Episode

    S 5 : Ep 13 - 12/19/99

    A controversial and outspoken attorney, whose specialty is suing the police department; presently he has a wrongful death suit against them over the death of a young (black) man, whose death he believes was cause by the actions of the two policemen who were pursuing him. He then announces that he has found a witness, who will prove that he is right but he won't name the witness right now. Later at his apartment, someone knocks on the door and shoots him. When the department hears of this, the Chief, who is afraid that the press will assume that a cop is the killer, decides to let the Pacific Blue unit handle the investigation. Cory decides to first look into the possibility that this was the act of a scorned lover or wife, because the way the place was set up, it appears that he was expecting someone. Cory then learns that, that person is his assistant, so Cory goes to her place and finds the murder weapon. She says that she didn't do it and Cory thinks that she is innocent. Cory then asks her about this secret witness that he was talking about, she tells Cory that it was a bluff that he did often to coerce the department into settling. Cory then suspects that maybe someone, didn't think he was bluffing so decided to take him out. She went to one of the two cops and confronts him about what happened when the boy died, while he says he jumped out of fear, Cory believes that he and his partner threw him over, not wanting to kill him but he died anyway. Later the assistant announces that the witness is ready to come forward, so she goes to meet him, and someone takes a shot at him, only it's Bobby and he is wearing a vest, they chase him and they corner and they discover that it is the cop.moreless
  • God's Gift

    Full Episode

    S 5 : Ep 12 - 12/5/99

    Jamie Strickland and Cory McNamara go undercover in a sex cult operation. The master is very seductive and has convinced women to prostitute themselves in the name of God. Meanwhile Russ Granger and Monica Harper are on rollerblades trying to catch criminals.moreless
  • Ghost Town

    Full Episode

    S 5 : Ep 11 - 10/31/99

    Jamie who was about to go on vacation encounters a singer whose songs gave inspiration and hope when she was incarcerated. After finding her passed out Jamie brings her home. When she comes to she grabs Jamie's gun and tells her to stay away and she then leaves. Jamie needing to find her and her gun tracks her down to her mother's house. She finds her and upon convincing her that she only wants to help her, the singer tells her that she is down and out because of her record producer. It seems that he is crooked; he takes very large cuts and when someone wants to leave he threatens them, which is what he did to her. Jamie tries to convince Cory that her claims have to be investigated, but Cory saying that this is not a criminal matter declines so Jamie decides to do it on her own. With Monica's help and one of the singers unpublished songs they try to goad the producer into doing something. He then sends his man to get the singer but Jamie saves her. Later Jamie gets the singer a gig on Soul Train and just as she is about to go on stage the producer appears and then threatens her, which Jamie and Cory overhear, and he is then arrested. And the singer finally performs.moreless
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