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Marisa Pare

Marisa Pare


10/9/1959, New York City, New York, USA

Birth Name

Marisa Roebuck



Also Known As

American Gladiator Lace
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Marisa was the very first person to play the character of "Lace" on the weekly TV reality game-show "American Gladiators" from 1989 to 1992. In 1992 Natalie Lennox took over the role of Lace. Marisa was married to actor Michael Par from Brooklyn, New York City from 1986…more

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    • (In regards to American Gladiators))
      Marisa: I would prefer a more theatrical show, but people in general just prefer to see other people get hurt.

    • (In regards to American Gladiators)
      Marisa: It's violent and out of hand. Sometimes it's fun but when you get a log of huge people together like this, someone's going to get hurt.

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  • American Gladiators was one of the breakthrough shows from the early 90's and part of that was Marisa Pare who played Lace. Her natural beauty along with her athleticism made the show one of those that fans will always remember. Marisa helped make that pomoreless

    She was one of original American Gladiators. In terms of stature she wasn\'t the biggest of the girls, but she was THE toughtest. Of course who could forget the \"LACE-A-MOTION\"!!! She showed that you can have beauty WITH brawn together on the same show. I personally met her at an autograph signing in Boston 1n 1991. She\'s just as beautiful in person and she\'s a true professional in every sense of the word; she always did her job very well.

    I was thrilled to have met her and had such incredible joy in watching her in the years that did American Gladitors as well as other projects, such as an appearance on the TARZAN tv series(1991-1994). Marisa may God bless you and enjoy what life has for you.moreless