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  • Mariska rules Law and Order: SVU. No more need be said.

    I was never a Law and Order fan until I saw Mariska Hargitay in Law and Order: SVU. Without her, it would be a good show. But with her, it's an excellent show. And the few episodes that are Benson-free, I never find them half as entertaining as other episodes. I think an Olivia Benson spin-off is in order for the future.
  • She is the coolest dresser ever she should have her own clothing line and also she needs to be used more used because that girl can act she should be an actress forever.

    Mariska Hargitay has the coolest outfits on tv and off of tv.she should have her own clothing line .I know that I would but some cloths like hers.Like the one where she had to look for a girl in a club type thing and her hair was awsome but her cloths were all that, they always are.Now for the underused thing she isn't in the show enogh because she is the best actress ever and she has a wonderful point of view she gives the character alot of life.Her and Christopher meloni are great actors but I don't think that they should hook up on the show it would be to weird if that did happen and he doesn't look like the type of person that she would hook up with on the show.But she is the bomb on the show.Watching this show made me like law stuff.Mariska you are the coolest ever.
  • I have a new religion: Mariskaism! Basically it's me worshipping you, Queen Mariska, Goddess of my days and nights!

    Why did it take me so long to turn on to SVU? I should have been watching all along. This lady has it all. Who could resist a lady who is sexy, tough, compassionate and savvy all in one? It's hard to believe it took Ms. Hargitay this long to get a starring role in a TV show. May she never disappear from my TV screen for the remaining days of my life!

    I hope that Ms. Hargitay will soon get her own starring role in a big-screen movie, and her own comedy show. I can see that she can make anybody laugh, and I think she wants to be able to flash that smile more than she can on SVU. Can Lloyds of London insure her smile? It would be worth at least $20 million!

    I love you, Mariska!
    I love you, Mariska!
    I love you, Mariska!
  • She is the best actress on primetime television. She knows how to hold her own and creates Olivia Benson as a multi-dimensional character. You really get to know her as you watch the show. You sometimes sympathizes the stuff she has to put up with.

    I think she is now getting her props. She is not only been on the People's list of Beautiful People and is now nominated for an Emmy. It is about time. I look to her as the greatest character on the male-dominated show and field. SHe is the best. Mariska is the best!!
  • One of the best actresses on TV. She should have three emmys by now.

    She is the only reason I watch SVU. The academy needs to wake up at give her the recognition she deserves. She is beautiful and talented. A rare combination these days.I Hope there is more good things to come for her. She makes the show for me every week. period.
  • Mariska Hargitay is definately the lead behind Law and Order: SVU.....

    Mariska Hargitay is definately the lead behind Law and Order: SVU. She seems able to help anyone out of anything. She can be calm and helpful when you need it and ready to kill the perps if they deserve it. She can calm down the victims. I feel sorry for the losses she has endured on the show with losing her mom, encountering a rapist who knew about her mom, trying to deal with the hard cases.....
    I need her courage as well as the fluency with Spanish ((even if it's a script)(LOL)). She can definately say that she was a lead role on SVU because she is perfect for the hardedge/softedge, razor/feather, night/day different for the circumstances detective.
  • This woman is unbelievably talented!

    Mariska Hargitay is one of the primary reasons behind the success of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Her hard-hitting role as Olivia Benson is not only believable but magnetic - drawing viewers in to the hit series in greater and greater numbers. The 2004 Golden Globe Award was entirely deserving. Now, let's just hope the Emmy voters give credit where credit is due as well.
  • This is one of the most amazing women of all time. She is living up well to her mmother's name.

    Mariska Hargitay is just the perfect woman. She is extremely smart and funny. She is obviously gorgeous. She is fluemt in four languages: English, Hungarian, French, and Italian. She says she fakes her way through a lot of it. She is extremly dedicated to her roles. She researched for her part as Olivia Benson on Law and Order SVU. She went through 40 hours of training to become a real rape councilor. She has inspired so many women and has enjoyed and cherished every minute of it. She is so greatful to be able to comfort and help these people through such a dark stage in their life's. She co-founded a foundation for raped and sexual abused women and children called the Joyful Heart Foundation. Every summer she takes some of the members of the Joyful Heart Foundation go to the Bahamas to swim with dolphins as a reconnecting and spiritual therapy for them. Mariska is an excellent woman adn I think every women wants to be her. She never gives up and she also shows rape vidtims as well as America that no matter how hard the battle you can always make it.
    God Bless you Mariska Hargitay.
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