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  • Overrated is a kind word.

    Mariska Hargitay is one of the most overrrated actresses I have ever seen. Her character is the most overrtaed I've seen of any Law and Order series. I think that she isn't as good as Christopher Merloni and she gets too much attention unfairly overshadowing him. Her character in the series is really wooden and she acts like she is hot stuff. I just can't stand her character as it is unfair for her to get all the attention when most of the others are clearly better actors. I think the media has fallen in love with her, for some reason I will NEVER know. Either way, I compare her to Tom Green, Kim Kardashian, and Paris Hilton in terms of acting ability. Thank you.
  • AMAZING!!!:)

    Mariska Hargitay is one of the best actresses ever. I watch Law and Order SVU as often as possible. I love crime shows, and have one favorite on each show... NCIS- Cote de Pablo, Criminal Minds- Paget Brewster etc.) She is a beautiful person inside and out. The character she plays on SVU gives me hope and faith that the situations I go through can be manageable. Her son August is absolutely adorable! Mariska could definately have her own show. She is very popular already, but I still think that people don't see all of her talent. Mariska Hargitay is amazing!!!
  • An amazing actress!

    "Detective Olivia Benson" is a great actress. I've loved watching her character develop from the start of the show until now. It's a credit to the writers, of course, but also to Ms. Hargitay's incredible acting abilities. She covers every nuance with amazing grace, beauty, talent, and stamina. I've also read about her in various women's magazines, especially after she had her baby, and she seems like a really cool person in real life as well. (Too often people mistake a person's role for who they are in real life when, in actuality, they may be nothing alike.) Ms. Hargitay says being a mom is her favorite role. Well, if she's as great a mother as she is an actress. then her child is one lucky kid.
  • The greatest actress of her time!

    Mariska Hargitay is an amzing actress, and a phenomenal person. She strives to not just be remembered for her acting, but for the good she does on and off the screen. For the one person who said she was over rated, you are dead wrong. She does everything NOT to be over rated. Comparing her to Paris Hilton is like comparing a rock to a computer. Complete and total oppisites. She participates in charities and tries her best to help people. She also does amazing acting, and her character, Olivia Benson, is very believable and almost as awesome as Mariska. No matter what idiots say, we will always be her fans.
  • Mariska Hargitay, Seriously Underrated.

    I first seen Mariska Hargitay in ER, many years ago and never really played that much attention to her, and I only knew her as Mark Greene girlfriend. She left after a couple of episodes and the show continued.

    Then in 1999, a brilliant new TV show called Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (SVU), started. This was the third spin off to the original Law & Order and in my eyes a hundred times better, if not a thousand.

    It was as SVU began airing and I began watching it that I noticed what an amazing actor Mariska was. She is the reason that I watch SVU (and also for Chris Meloni). She plays Olivia Benson, a child of rape. Her mother was raped and her mother decided to keep the baby and Olivia was born. She has her mothers last name as they do not know who the rapist (her father) was.

    Mariska is the daughter of Jayne Mansfield and Mickey Hargitay. Sadly Jayne, Mariska's Mother, was killed in a car crash, when Mariska was just three years old. Her father Mickey died last winter (2006).

    Mariska is not only an amazing actor, she is now an amazing wife to Peter Herrman and mother to August Herrman.

    She has talent that can make you, laugh, smile, cry, make you feel her pain and lose with her and make you feel her happiness with her.

    She has also been in a few movies, but my favourite movie she has been in is, Plain Truth. She plays a character completely different to Olivia Benson, which is nice to see.

    To summarize I think that Mariska Hargitay is completely underrated and is an amazing woman. She is even a rape counsellor. Basically she is amazing! SO listen to me when I say go and buy all of her movies, her old ER episodes and most definitely the Law and Order: SVU Box sets!
  • GOOD for You


    Best of luck in your future endeavours Mariska.

  • From ER to Law and Order: SVU, I think Mariska has carried on the legacy of her late mother, Jayne Mansfield proudly. She now has a well-deserved Emmy on her mantle to prove it! The no-nonsense Olivia is a FAR cry from ER's demure Cynthia.

    Now that Mariska is back from maternity leave, I look forward to seeing how her character of Olivia will evolve after being away from her partner for awhile. The "I would give you one on my kidneys" line from a recent episode shows that absence DOES make the heart grown fonder! :)
  • Mariska rules Law and Order: SVU. No more need be said.

    I was never a Law and Order fan until I saw Mariska Hargitay in Law and Order: SVU. Without her, it would be a good show. But with her, it's an excellent show. And the few episodes that are Benson-free, I never find them half as entertaining as other episodes. I think an Olivia Benson spin-off is in order for the future.
  • Mariska is a crazy actress! She acts is mostly dramas.

    Mariska is an awesome actress! And that was proven by her winning an Emmy for Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series. On Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, she shows special chemistry with the other actors/actresses. She really knows how to do her job. I would definately like to see more of Mariska Hargitay other than her current role which she is doing an excellent job with that. Not many people take the chance to acknolwedge a wonderful actress like Mariska. She is very strong going through a pregnancy and the death of her father at the same time. Mariska, we love you!
  • This show wouldn't be nearly as good without her.

    When I watch SVU i take it for granted that she will be in every episode but there are some she is barely in and I find that it is harder to watch without Mariska. She adds works so well with Chris Meloni that i can't imagine the show without her. My mom once said that Mariska really does a good job in SVU and she's her favorite and after I thought about i agreed with her. Because although Chris is good in SVU Olivia is also good and both need to be in the show for it to be really good. I just can't imagine SVU without Mariska.
  • amazing actor


    Mariska is a awesome actor, was bad enough when Christopher left the show, but now that Mariska is leaving it as well, I have alread stopped watching it, very sad, they were amazing together and a real joy to watch, not mention the sex appeal of both, WOW, good luck hope you guys find another primetime network weekly show would be great to see you together again

  • Mariska Hargitay:Brilliant Actress

    The first time I ever saw Mariska act she was on Falcon Crest, I was 14 and my mother told me all about Jayne Mansfield and Mickey Hargitay.I found it all fascinating but kinda didn't think about it anymore.Then i saw where Mariska was going to be in a new show called Law and Order:Special Victims Unit in 1999 well to be honest I didn't think the show would be for me.When I would see an interview with Mariska I would read it or watch it very casually but I would never watch the show.Then in August 2002 I was bored one Friday night and decided to watch a rerun on NBC.Let's just say I never stopped,this show and this actress is addictive.I told my mother the next day that Mariska had turned into the most talented and beautiful actress and how amazing her work on this show was.I have been a fan every since.She is one of the absolute best.
  • Mariska Hargitay is an extremely talent actress!

    Mariska Hargitay is one of my role models. She isn't just an amazing, gorgeous actress. She has been through so much in her life. She had the strength and the will to carry on. She is such an inspiration to me as well as many others. Mariska's character Olivia Benson on Law & Order: SVU, is all about hope, courage, belief, and power. That's what her character is real life emulates as well. Mariska is the founder the Joyful Heart Foundation, which aids victims of abuse. She is also involved with other charities that are focused on helping others. She gave birth to her first son, August in 2006 and also won the 2006 Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress a Drama Series.
  • Mariska Hargitay.... Talented Actress, Advocate for victims or Rape and Sexual Abuse. Founder & President of the Joyful Heart Foundation. My Guiding Light and Inspiration to fight and be Fearless in the face of my past. Courage, Love, Hope surrounds her.

    Mariska Hargitay.... When you hear this name you know you are about to see a quality performance as well as probably learning something very important. This is a lady who gives more time to what she truly believes in than any other celebrity I've heard of in a very long time.

    Her aura exudes Friendship, Caring, Love, Courage, Peace, Harmony and supporter of what she believes in. More than that Mariska Hargitay is very much a Family First lady. With a husband like Peter Hermann and their son August who can blame her.

    Never the less she always has time to share her talents and voice to help others and raise awareness for various causes. Autism, The More You Know, Joyful Heart Foundation to name just a few.

    Mariska is a Guiding Light & support in the face of darkness and fear. Mariska maybe a celebrity but she is one genuine, gifted, talented and Caring individual. Rare in many people these days.

    In brief terms: Mariska Hargitay Rocks. A True Gift from God.
  • An absolutely wonderfull person

    Marishka is the best actress on tv. Their is no denying that her skills as an actress and a person are far above ordinary. Her character Olivia Benson is wonderull and original. She always creates this personality with the character, making it more belivable, and real. The people she plays on tv make them seem like ordinary people you would meet on the streets. That's how good she is. She's amazing. I would like to see her get a little more fame though, u hardly ever hear anything about her, I want her to be recignized for what she does. And besides from acting, she works for charities, and other orginizations too. This all proves that she is a very amazing person. Way to go Mariska!
  • Not only is Mariska beatuful, but she is also very giving.

    She is such an inspiration to many people. She is the founder and president of The Joyful Heart Foundation, which helps abuse victims. She decided to start this foundation because she would be apprached by people on the street, because of her role as Detective Olivia Benson on NBC's Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, and they tell her private information.

    Mariska is the daughter of two ledgends. Her mother, who died when Mariska was only three years old, was ledgendary Jayne Mansfeild. Her father was body builder Miklos "Mickey" Hargitay.

    Mariska went through a lot in 2006. She won an Emmy, and she gave birth the her first child, August. Through all of this, her father was with her. Her father, Miklos "Mickey" Hargitay passed away in September of 2006. Mariska was very close to him, but was glad that he could see his grandson.

    Now splitting her time between twelve hour work days on the set of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit and leading The Joyful Heart Foundation, Mariska still finds time to spend with her husband, Peter Herman, and baby, August, who she calls her "Good Luck Charm".
  • Mariska Hargitay is my all time favorite actor.

    She is amazing as an actor. She has so much talent. And she's nice and beautiful and funny too. I started liking her after I became addicted to Law and Order Special Victims Unit but it wasn't until i found out more about that I realized what an amazing person she is. I love how she started the Joyful Heart Foundation, to me, she's so caring and compassionate. I'm very happy she finally got married and started a family. She totally deserves it. And she finally won an emmy :D yes she definately deserved that too. Basicly, she's an amazing amazing person and a great role model for young girls.
  • Mariska is absolutely brilliant!

    I am a huge fan of Law and Order, specifically Special Victims Unit. I love all the characters in it, but my favorite of all time is Mariska Hargitay. She is absolutely gorgeous, and so is her husband and baby! And did I mention, she is VERY talented? I do not even feel as if I'm watching a TV show when I'm watching her act. She makes it very real! I would love to see her perform in more things, movies, etc. I think she is a role model because she is not only beautiful, she is smart and sincere.
  • Mariska is such a great actress. She also does a phenomenal job with the Joyful Heart Foundation.

    Mariska is such a great actress. She also does a phenomenal job with the Joyful Heart Foundation. She is such a great role model because she encourages girls to be themselves no matter what happens or what they look like. There needs to be more celebrities like her this day and age. Instead of celebrities saying you need to look or act a certain way, she encourages individuality and turning all the negative aspects and negative energy into positive energy to make you feel more in tune with yourself, feel more in love with yourself. She is a pioneer and a tremendous actress this day and age.
  • Mariska Hargitay = Amazing!

    Mariska Hargitay is my favorite actress of all time. I love her work on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit! She is gorgeous and a great role model! I love that she created her own foundation to help those affected by sexual assault because of her work on SVU. She is such an inspiration to me and I would love to meet her one day!
  • She is one of the best

    Mariska is not only talented but she also has a big heart and cares deeply. She is a strong and beautiful person that every girl should want to be like. She has help alot of people through her website and I will always be a fan of hers. She is awswome
  • Hi Mariska Hargitay you are one of my Favorite actress in law & order. Why did you leave? I think you and detective Christopher Meloni make a good team. Please come back! I don't think detective Casey Novak can handle your job.I hope you come back to

    Hi Mariska Hargitay you are one of my Favorite actress in law & order. Why did you leave? I think you and detective Christopher Meloni make a good team. Please come back! I don\'t think detective Casey Novak can handle your job. For the past two weeks Dani Beck has been in your place. But i think you should be there with detective Elliot Stabler. I have eveyone watching the show and everyone loves you and detective Elliot Stabler together. I along with a lot of my family want you to come back to law & order. See you soon.
  • She is well known as Olivia Benson in Law and Order:SVU.

    Mariska Hargitay, is not olny an amazing actress but she is also an amazing person. She is someone I look up to not only as a fan, a young adult, an acterss but also someone who as inspired me not only through my own acting but as a women and she is someone I have great respect for. She is not only a role model for women every were, she is a person who can change someone's life through her acting on SVU and being the wonderful person that she is. Even though I have not met her she is someone who has a big heart and is so selfless and I would be honoured to meet her and it would be an even bigger honour to be able to work with her. She makes me want to be a better person and a better actress.I look up to her for that and everything that she has done. I know that she has help shaped the person I am today and the person that I will be in the future. I am proud she say that she is one of the many who have inspired me to act and to be a better person. If I can be half the person and actress she is today I know that I have achived two of the most important goals in my life. She helps me see that there are many things in life to look foward to, and she as made me feel better as a women as well. Keep up the good work!!
  • Mariska Hargitay Rox

    Mariska Hargitay is like the best actress ever!!Shes a rolemodel to lotz of ppl...ME!!And she is 42 and looks sooooooo pretty and shes really funny I mean if you have watched her on the t.v show "The Veiw" with co-star Chris Meloni you would never be able to take them two seriously again they are really funny and seem like great people to hang out with but like I was saying...she must be really really really good actress cause on The Veiw she is like a kid!!!But you gotta love her!!And she just had a baby like June 28th and look at her....shes still prettier than like anyone!!!
  • She is my favorite person off of all the Law and Orders!

    She is my favorite person off of all the Law and Orders!
    If she was not on Law and Order Special Victims Unit it would not be the same it would be boring and a horrible show she is my favorite off of Law and order she is the best the best my favorite person my favorite favorite! I love her and i can't belevie that she had at baby! well do not no what else to say so bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye!
  • Mariska Hargitay is beautiful & a talented actress.

    Mariska Hargitay portrays Detective Olivia Benson. She is very beautiful, talented and overall an outstanding lead actress for the show. I think her character is a good strong role model for all women out there, never giving up without a fight and standing up for what she believes in. I think that she is really gorgeous for her age. She is just an amazing actress!
  • "Best Thing Since Namco Created Jun Kazama in 1996" A charming actor with a website drawing of her with a badge clipped to her belt (better watch out--she'll take you down to the station if you tick her off). I've said this many times: Mariska Harg

    "The Best Thing since Namco Created Jun Kazama in 1996"

    MY SCORE: 9
    There are certain songs that remind me of Mariska, ranging from "Carnival Town" by Norah Jones to Nina Williams' stage theme (original arcade theme) from Tekken 2, basically the percussion solo part, and Nina's arranged theme (PlayStation) from the popular fighting series created by Namco (Tekken in 1994 (1995 on PlayStation), Tekken 2 in 1995 (1996 on PlayStation). This is one of the types of actors that will not let you down, and Mariska Hargitay is no exception.

    But there was this funny story I had in February of this year. As I was trying to rewrite the words "Jun Kazama" in my journal while watching TV with my little brother, I could hear "Silent Assassin-cool headed mix" in my head, and I was ultimately forced to write a little about Mariska, but my hands hurt after playing Ridge Racer 64 (stage 6, reversed tracks) and losing to a light-blue car. Then Spring Break rolled around, and I was at my father's house with fast-access DSL and typed "Mariska Hargitay" in the Google search box (I STILL have it up there now!)

    She may be prettier than Glenn Close or Meryl Streep, but when she's on L&O: SVU, she means business. I had to dock a point because she looks 45. In my R.A.C.E.R. 41 series, I have a character loosely based off the life of both Mariska and Olivia: Wendie Phoenix (and my answer to Nina Williams from Tekken, but without the flashy clothes and assassin with the aikido-fighting stile, but I gave Wendie a purple coat--and she's a detective!). I might have caught Mariska Fever like many L&O: SVU fans watching her show on NBC and USA just as I'm writing this. Maybe Mariska Hargitay is one of the main reasons why everyone flocks over to L&O: SVU after American Idol is done (sorry, Ryan).

    What can I say? I'm speechless. Listening to Nina's arcade theme in Tekken 2 will not get over the feeling I get watching Olivia crack cases every night on SVU. I believe that Olivia helps women feel a lot stronger, including the reviewer myself. As the author of this review, I feel stronger as I'm watching SVU and get some ideas for upcoming stories, since I aspire to become a well-known writer of fictional stories for teenagers and young adults. And if Jun Kazama is ever kidnapped or murdered in New York, it'll always be up to Det. Olivia Benson (yup, that's you, Mariska, you foxy detective, you!) to solve the case and arrest her murderer (like that'll ever happen, since Jun Kazama was created by Namco in conjunction with the Tekken series back in 1994 (Jun Kazama broke out in '95)) If I compared Olivia to WWWC officer Jun Kazama, Olivia would win hands down. Whether the villain in SVU looks like someone ranging from Chester Bennington to Bam Margera, Olivia will always have her hands full arresting the person responsible for a kidnapping or a murder.

    There IS nothing to say! I'm about to have a tear come out of my eye. Mariska Hargitay is in one word, "saiko". (That's the Japanese word for awesome, BTW.) Just look at all the Yahoo! and MySpace groups (even LiveJournal) about Mariska, and you'll find a lot, even fan-made YouTube videos! Mariska is just saiko (Japanese word for "awesome"). My advice: Watch SVU. You could learn a thing or two from Olivia. 'Nuff said. But one has to wonder if there are Japanese fans of Mariska Hargitay or L&O SVU? Only time will tell. Just keep going west, Mariska.
  • She is beutiful and realy talented!

    Mariska Hargitay is one of the most talented people in hollywood now. She is talented and beutiful. She is one of the only reasons why i watch Law & Order now. I think that she is really gorgous for her age of 42 and she is definitally better than most actresses in hollywood now. She is really talented i mean she seems like one of those laid back type of people she seems like the type of person you can talk to and hang out with and just have tons of fun with them. I think that she is one of few actresses that are real and cool. She would be really cool to hang out with (it seems like it).
  • Talented and beautiful!

    Very talented and beautiful. After playing mainly supporting roles from Falcon Crest to ER, she got the biggest break in playing Detective Benson in Law & Order SVU as also not just playing tough but also playing sympathetic and knows how to deal with people.
    I will miss her for the first few episodes when she leaves to give birth to her son. But I know that she will be back!
  • She's absolutely wonderful!

    Mariska Hargitay is the reason that I watch SVU! She\\\'s the most interesting to watch, because out of all of the other actors and actresses on the show, she is the one who is able to pull off a full range of emotions. I think so many people can relate to/love watching her character mainly because it doesn\\\'t seem fake when Olivia cries on the show. Many people can relate to that. And to top it all off, Mariska is so beautiful, and she started a foundation that helps victims of sexual assault.

    I hope she stays around for awhile!
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