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  • Check out the review... who needs a summary, anyway? lol

    Obviously, Mariska Hargitay is gorgeous, as I put under the classification. But under all that beauty, she's an amazing actress, role model, and person. She's absolutely my all time favorite actress. My most favorite thing about her is her personality. She's not fake, which is definately what I love about her the most. She brings humor to anything, and everything, and obviously loves to laugh. I also love what she's doing with the Joyful Heart Foundation, as well. It's most definately a way out for the surviving, strong women in a rape crisis. She makes them feel like they have a second chance worth fighting for, and puts a smile on each their faces---which is another thing she does best. All in all, she's an amazingly talented woman that deserves every great opportunity that comes her way. I truly love this woman.