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  • Mariska Harigtay is just simply brilliant She is just beautiful inside and out. She helps with rape victims on and off the show, which i found so incrediable nice. She is just an amazing actress and deserves another Emmy for her preformace in Undercover.

    I started watching Law and Order SVU because of Mariska she is such a talented actress. I have now followed her career for about 2 years now. I have seen every movie she has been in. I just love the movie Plain Truth. She is a devoted wife and Mother to a very cute son named August. I would give just about anything to meet her. I love the fact that she deals with rape victims on and off the show. There are not many actress who would take their work one step farther. She deserves another Emmy Award for her perfomace in UNDERCOVER. i was on the edge of my seat all night long!!