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  • Amazing actress - going to be on "24"!

    I saw her in "In Justice" and thought she was amazing. Also loved her in "Blind Justice".

    I just saw on her website she's going to be playing the head of CTU on "24" next season - can't wait!

    You can see it here -

    It also says she going to be in a movied called "Delta Farce" with Larry the Cable Guy - that should be interesting.
  • She's an extremely beautiful woman.

    Marisol is extremely pretty and a decent actress... and ever since I noticed her in Due South and Alias, she's been my one of my favourite "smaller" actresses.

    Too bad though, that she's is a Scientology member (according to websearches) and that puts a pretty big dent into what I think of her as a person.

    Nevertheless, I only have to look at her on the TV, so it's not too bad... ;-)

    Maybe she'll learn eventually.
  • She's the best!.!.!

    Marisol Nichols is a very talented and skilled actress. I first saw her when she played Det. Karen Bettancourt on Blind Justice, and I thought she was great. I can hardly wait to see her in In Justice in January! M a r i s o l r o c k s!
  • Review

    I only know her from her role on "24" and I think she did a decent job for someone coming into a veteran show in its sixth season and needing to win over the viewers who without a doubt missed a female presence like Michelle Dessler was. I also think that might be the main reason why I have only rated her a nine. A lot of the lines and actions that she was given on "24" were compared to that of Michelle Desslers character and many of them came off as repeaetd and the same. The way she carried herself around CTU and became somewhat involved with Milo as the season drew to a close made the viewers angry at the re-do of "Tony and Michelle".

    In the longrun, I do consider her an asset to the 24 team, though it would appear that her stay on the show will simply last the one season.