Marj Dusay

Marj Dusay


2/20/1936, Hays, Kansas, USA

Birth Name

Marjorie Ellen Pivonka Mahoney


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The beautiful and talented Marj Dusay has lit up both the big screen and the small screen with her stunning portrayals for more than 40 years, beginning her career as a waitress in the Elvis Presley vehicle, Clambake (1967). She made numerous guest appearances on popular TV shows…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Marj Dusay is one of Guiding Light's most underused actresses.

    Marj Dusay is wondeful as Alexandra Spaulding on Guiding Light, the problem is she is also one of the most underused actresses on the show. Alex is beautiful and witty. Some of GLs best scenes are between Marj and her fictional brother Alan, played by the equally talented and impressive Ron Raines.

    The two are by far the best brother and sister duo on televsion.

    The potential for great storylines are there, but the writers just can\'t seem to head in the right direction.moreless
  • Marj Dusay is emminently watchable!

    Marj Dusay is emminently watchable, no matter the role!

    She was given the thankless role of the smart-dumb woman who steals Mr. Spock's titular brain! "Brain and brain! What is brain!!' her plaintive cry still echoes and gets giggles even today. Yet, seeing her in the role, you realize she is quite the looker!

    I remember her as Washington matron, Myrna Clegg in Capitol, a relatively short-lived soap opera on CBS in the 80s. It was delicious,as was Myrna with her scheming and plotting and catty remarks- no one was safe from Myrna, least of all her husband and son! As much as I loved Carolyn Jones as Myrna, Marj brought a similar deliciously snideness to the role.

    When Marj was to step into Beverlee McKinsey's well-heeled shoes as Alexandra Spaulding, on Guiding Light, I ws pleased- not many could do justice with the role, but I was certain Ms. Dusay was right for it. I was proven right, as she is back for another go with Alexandra.

    Marj also had a stint on All My Children, but I don't watch that show, and feel unqualified to discuss her performance there. I am sure, though, that she was a consummate professional.

    She is doubtless a very hirable actress, so she has no doubt guested on many shows, probably shows you have watched! Keep an eye out for those guest society matrons- one might be Marj!moreless