Mark Brunetz

Mark Brunetz

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Mark H. Brunetz
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  • Thank you

    I love the show. My husband and I have been watching your show for 2 years now. It has motivated us to get rid of our hot mess. I just couldn't understand how to start, you helped me let go. We have had 3 yard sales, our kitchen is redone, livingroom, 2 bedrooms finished and cleaned out. It has changed us. We live so much better. I just wish I could design rooms like you Mr. Brunets. You are gifted.

    Thank you for helping us change our lives.

    Love the Teague Family

  • I would hire him in a heart beat...

    All I have to say is when I buy a house I would love to hire Mr. Brunetz: that is if I have the money... I love the way he can figure out what people like and how he puts it all together...his creativity is top notch and he is with the times...I have never seen anyone design like he does...everyone else that I have seen always puts too much color, not enough color or uses tacky things...I think Mr. Brunetz has a gift...I have never seen anything of his that I did not like...I watch the show just to see what design he does...keep up the good work Mr. Brunetz..moreless