Mark Burnett (II)

Mark Burnett (II)


7/17/1960, London, England, UK

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Mark Burnett was born on July 17, 1960 in the east end of London, England. He was the only child of two Ford Motors factory workers. He was raised in London, and later moved in Dagenham, a small town in Essex. At the age of seventeen, he enlisted…more


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  • Bible nonsense

    Regarding Burnett's Bible series on TV: How can you morally pander to and patronize ignorant Christians who haven't taken the time or initiative to investigate their Book for truthfulness? The Bible ISN'T history, but literature. The NT is even worse, being a shameful inversion of a real Mastership installation event (the "Betrayal") from the Nag Hammadi Apocalypses of First and Second James, and Peter. See Robert Wahler, "Eastern Message of the Gospel of Judas" on Aeon Byte radio (Start at 18:00)moreless
  • Mark Burnett Falklands war

    Hi, if you would to read a full account of the battle for Mount Longdon, the same battle that Mark Burnett took part in, you may want to read, Three Days in June, it is the definitive account of the battle. the kindle version is available on Amazon with 62 reviews, or if you search EBay for Three Days in June, the paperback version is also available, there is a Facebook page titled Three Days in June here there is more photos of the book.

    Ps search Vimeo videos for Three Days in June. 80883659moreless