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  • cool

    the undertaker is the person who walks out on the top rope. the undertaker is 16 and 0 at wretlemania. he was banned from wwe the gm vickie reinstated himon friday n ight smackdown. the undertaker is the best in the hell in a cell match.the undertaker has created the hell in a cell match the buried alive match the last ride match and the casket match. he was had his own interview segment called the funeral parlor.he is the deadman the american badass the phenom the undertaker.his brother is kane.he lost to edge at judgement day in a table,ladder,chair match.
  • a legend in the ring,he has seen it all had it all done it all and most importantly is loyal to the wwe

    the undertaker is why most people watch smackdown!. he has been a staple of the brand for a very long time now and is one of the top faces of the company.the fans cheer for him like crazy and who blames them? i know i mark out when he wins a championship.from his debut at survivor series to each and every one of his classics including the undertaker vs shawn michaels in a hell in a cell,undertaker vs mankind hell in a cell,undertaker vs hulk hogan for the wwf championship 1992,his debut,undertaker vs vince mcmahon buried alive match,undertaker vs kane (all of their bouts),every smackdown episode he appears on is special,he draws,sells merchandise and he can make most people look good,he even made batista look good in their matches.he does not mind doing the job to other superstars and he has been battling injuries his whole career,but he keep's coming back!"did you hear about the man who cannot die, he's been buried alive,burned,taken out in a casket but he keeps coming back!"undertaker unlike hogan bret and flair is the true classic who never deserted the wwf during the wcw vs wwf days, even when the wwf was losing badly he stuck with them.the undertaker has been through it all.the attitude era,the 1990-1995 era,the 2000+ years and each and every year he keeps getting better,unlike other wrestlers he improves with age,when you think he can't get any better or he can't bump like he used to he shocks the hell out of you and looks like a 20 year old in that ring instead of a man in his 40s even for a guy who doesn't do alot of speaking, he sure gets the message across,he is really like a fine wine only improves with one is as loyal are as hardworking as the undertaker in the wrestling business,i can gurantee it
  • The WWE really is The Undertaker's yard. he is like god.

    The WWE really is The Undertaker's yard. Taker is the greatest phenoms in wrestling history he is 16-0 at Wrestle Mania. The last two he has won the world heavyweight championship. He created the Last Ride, Buried Alive, Hell in a Cell, and the Casket matches. So taker has had a great career in the WWE. His finisher moves are Tombstone, The Chokeslam and The Last Ride and a new choke hold. The Dead Man has carried the WWE especially Smackdown in particular for an extremely long time and had engaged in classic feuds with Ric flair, Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Mankind with Hell in the cell Triple H, Shawn micheals, Randy Orton, Batista (which made 2007 a must watch) Edge (which made 2008 a must watch) His Brother Kane and even the boss himself Vince Kennedy McMahon. The Undertaker is a the father figure to the younger wrestlers. The Undertaker is a 4 time WWE champion, a two time world heavyweight champion, a 6 time world tag team champion (1 with stone cold)(2 with Big Show)(1 with The Rock)(2 with Kane as part of Brothers of destruction. a Hardcore Champion. He was the leader of the Ministry of Darkness. Taker lost to Edge at One Night Stand so his career is done. I hope he comes back and Kicks Edge's ASS!!!
  • There are no words to describe the Undertaker's talent except simply amazing. The Deadman is a future hall of famer and a Legend

    The Undertaker is in a leauge no other WWE superstars could ever match.He's 16-0 at wrestlemania, a four time WWE champion, a two time World Heavyweight champion,he also won the 2007 royal rumble among many other things, The Dead Man has carried the WWE espeecially Smackdown in particular for an extremely long time and had engaged in classic feuds and matches with the likes of The Rock,Triple H,Shawn Micheals,and Ric Flair. The Undertaker is someone who there is no replacement for and would affect the WWE painfully if he were to ever leave. I hope The Undertaker will also get to enjoy many more long World Heavyweight Championship reigns.
  • He is my Childhood Hero!

    The undertaker continues to amaze and daze! Back in the day he was one of my favorite wrestler, no one could beat him, no one could mess with the Dead man and get away with it. He pushed the sport and he will always be remembered for the contribution he made. But more so he will always be remember because he just plain kicked a$$! He took some serious knocks and throw downs but he always came out the victor and that is what we expect from him - to always win. I'm a little worried since his career has spanned decades and I feel his retirement may be here sooner than we think. I'm not saying he should but considering the job and the risks involved maybe its better if he got out now rather than later. BUT HE will always be the greatests!
  • undertaker is one of the best wrestlers ever. he defeated the great khali and due to an injured knee, he wasnt at vengeance which will be the best time to get vengeance on mark henry he is my favorite wrestler

    i think that the undertaker has made friday night smackdown a huge success. he has made a legend he is 16-0 and he has been undefeated at wrestlemania. ilove the undertaker so much because he is not a man of many words. his actions speak louder than his voice and he proved that when he defeated batista and took the belt from him at wrestle mania. he also defeated him in all other matches after wreslte mania. i love him and another thing that i love about him is that he loves his wife and kids and his job. ha.
  • The Undertaker is literally a God in WWE

    The most proclaimed WWE wrestler of all time in WWE. I believe this man is bigger than Hulk Hogan himself. Taker is my most respected WWF/WWE wrestler of all time. I don't think I will like anyone from the WWF ever as much as I liked him, I loved when he was the Minister of Darkness especially, And of course I like the Deadman, his only downfall if you wanna even call it that, was when he was a biker, The word Undertaker and a guy with a bike really don't mix, but nevertheless he was still a great wrestler than, I know for a fact this man is respected not only by the fans, but by all wrestlers as well.
  • The Undertaker is the best!

    The Undertaker has been one of my all time favorites since around 1996 or 1997 he is a 4 time WWE Champion a 1 time World Heavyweight Champion and a 6 time World Tag Team Champion plus more he is one the greatest and he is a future Hall of Famer and he is 15 and 0 at WrestleMania besides that Taker has been in many memoriable storylines with Kane Randy Orton Vince Mcmahon Triple H Stone Cold Steve Austin The Big Show and so many others and he has said he doesn't plan to retire for a while The Undertaker will have many more memoriable storylines and hopefully even hold more tittles in his future Mark Calaway gets rated a perfect 10.0!
  • The Undertaker is the best. He is hard to beat.

    So far The Undertaker has never been beat at Westlemania. He holds the record of 14-0 undeafed. And this year at Westlemania hopefully it will be another record of 15-0. He has had alot of broken bones and yet he always comes back. he takes alot of pain but yet he gives alot twice over than what he takes. He is the best in hell in the cell and he does alot of damage to his rivals. The Underaker has been wrestling for many years and he is still going strong. No one in the wrestling business can do what he can do and still keep going. He takes a licking but keeps on ticking. He is the best. May all his rivals Rest In Peace.
  • The Dead Man of the WWF/E

    The Dead Man of the WWF/E. The guy has done so much for the wrestling business. He can cut one of the greatest promos ever in the WWF/E and he is one of my personal favorites when it comes to in ring ability. They have never gone wrong with a storyline for this guy and he will be 15-0 at Mania
  • 16 year long killing spree!

    The Undertaker is Smackdown. He is the one man in the WWE who deserves the WHC more than anyone else. It has been said on Smackdown that he is the cornerstone of the WWE. I wonder how many people realize how true that is.

    His arrival on the scene strikes fear in his enemies. His stare becomes their worst nightmare. I have seen few big men in the WWE who can move half as well as Taker. None of those dumb bodybuilders could even dream of doing what Taker can do. At times, he almost seems to be superhuman in the ring (that may actually be true).

    In the end, he leaves his enemies laying with their hands crossed over their hearts. He is an awsome figure of darkness (What a cool gimmick). He is the best the WWE has to offer. No one can stop him. He will always live on.
  • Over 16 years of destruction. Man, was it beautiful

    Mark Calaway made his WWF debut at the Survivor Series in 1990. 16 years later, he has become one of the greatest legends to bless the WWE ring.

    I loved him as a kid and I still do to this day. The tombstone was unique, I like the chokeslam, the Last Ride is brutal as hell and the way he plays with an opponent's mind is amazing. Truly amazing. He is also the only person to have 2 gimmicks and they both were successful (the Deadman gimmick and the Biker gimmick).

    He is a 4-time WWE champion, the first man alongside Glen Jacobs (Kane) to unify the WCW and WWF Tag Team titles, had classic battles with the likes of Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, among others and has the biggest record at WrestleMania which should never be tampered with: 14 - 0.

    No doubt, he is well on his way to the WWE Hall of Fame someday. Thank you, Undertaker.
  • The Undertaker, at this point i ntime, is the WWE.

    Mark Calaway, aka The Undertaker is, and always will be a wrstling legend. From his debut to now, he has dominated the world of sports-entertainment; he has beaten some of the all-time greats; he has even beaten himself!

    As the "Western Mortician" gimmick, he was classic. As the "American Biker" gimmick, he was real. And now, as "The Deadman" gimmick, he once again proves he is a WWE staple. Though his free television matches are sparse, this man creates an energy unheard of, except possibly by Hulk Hogan and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. This man is respected, and rightfully so. He has put on some of the best matches in the history of professional wrestling, including inventing the dreaded Hell in a Cell matchup. Every challenge he has been faced with, he has overcome. The man is loved by everyone in the business, backstage, and the fans.

    As I put it before, he creates an unheard of energy; that is the best, and only, way to put it. When I first started watching WWE, Undertaker instantly stood out. And he remains my favorite wrestler even today. He will continue to dazzle fans and put on great matches until the day he retires.

    Until then, Rest....In....Peace.
  • Undertaker is a pro wrestler on smackdown

    Undertaker is my favorite wrestler in the WWE. He is known as the phenom and the deadman. His special is the tombstone last ride and chokeslam. He is also undefeated at wrestlemania. He is also a four time wwe champion. He also has an urn that controls him if someone has it. That's what make him one of the all times greatest wrestler.
  • Ireally like to wact this on mondays

    This very strong dude the undertaker is a legend from the grave and he swares that he can beat anybody in his path but this would be a great fight the undertaker vs. that vampire dude and iwould like to see them fight because it would be a great fight, do you guys think that this would be a great fight. send me back if you have any requests about the guys facing each other. thank you for listening to my review to one of the best shows ever wwe smack down and raw and all of the pay per views
  • only one word describes Undertaker Legend

    As now billed a future Hall of Famer and that's no lie
    his great in ring style has become must see entertainment
    his performence in the ring brings legendary moves and entertainment to all though his entrance may be scary to the faint his dark entrance is a pure talent wonder so it's no doubt this man will be a future Hall of Famer.
  • Mark Callaway as Undertaker is my favouritw wrestler

    Mark Callaway as the Undertaker is my favourite wrestler. I like his moves like the Tombstone, The Last Ride and chokeslam. They are good moves for the deadman. Here is some of Undertaker's profile for the WWE.
    Name: Undertaker

    Height: 6 foot 10
    Weight: 328 pounds
    From: Death Valley
    Signature Move: Chokeslam; Tombstone; Last Ride
    Career Highlights: 4-time WWE Champion; 6-time World Tag Team Champion; WCW Tag Team Champion; Hardcore Champion; undefeated at WrestleMania (14-0)
    WWE Debut: Nov. 22, 1990

    In my entire life Undertaker will be my favourite wrestler in the WWE and Smackdown. Smackdown rulz and has the best wreslters of all time. Go Undertaker you rule.
  • The deadman. The phenom. The Undertaker. My idol.

    We are talking about Mark Callaway, he has been with the WWF/E for 15 years and is one of the greats. Did you know he is classified as a Super Heavy Weight? Thats the same weight devision as The Big Show and Andre the Giant!!!He was the first of the super heavy weights to move like a cruiser weight. He has gone through a couple of gimmicks in his days and has made the best of them. He is my favorite superstar and is actually a nice person in real life. And he loves his family so much that he has his wife Sara, tattooed on his throat, and his two daughters on his neck.(One on each side)He said that his Sara tattoo was his most painfull he has ever had. It makes me sad to hear that he will be retiring soon and when he does I swear to god that I will have a cry about it. It makes me sad to think about it but I just think of all the good things he has done. I love him like a brother. And I know that when he dies in his life will help many others. Many will morn for him, no doubt about that. He will.....REST.....IN....PIECE.............
  • Scary

    Sheeshh..wad up wit da eyes and da clothes. Hes a good wrestler and for once he doesnt say that hes all that and stuff. I know he has many rivals and stuff on WWE Smackdown. You could say hes scary (not really) but thats about it. Nothing else to say about him.
  • The deadman... who knew someone who was dead could last 15 years?

    The Undertaker is probably the biggest legend WWE has. When he started out, he was led to the ring by Paul Berer and was baciacly the overgrown giant Deadman. Then, he basiaclly became the Setonic Undertaker. Known for his great entrances at WrestleMania, the Undertaker is undefeated, (13-0) at the WWE's biggest event.

    In 2000, he made a change into the "American Bad-ass" and rode his bike to the ring. He demanded respect, and would humiliate and hurt whoever didn't.

    In 2004, he returned at WrestleMania 20 as the "Deadman" and beat his brother Kane. That being said, he is also returning in a few weeks to Survivor Series to fight in presumably the "Buried Alive" match against Randy Orton. This legend of the Undertaker is not through left. As long as there's a spot for him, he'll be raising hell for many years to come.
  • Undertaker is simply a legend.

    I have always been a fan of The Undertaker, but after I recently bought his new DVD, I have a new appreciation for him. He's been dominating his opponents for nearly 15 years.

    He was in the first ever Hell in a Cell Match, the first ever Casket Match, the first ever Buried Alive Match, the first ever Biker Chain Match, and the first ever Inferno Match.

    His DVD has three of Undertaker's four Hell in a Cell Matches. The first ever Hell in a Cell with Shawn Michaels, the legndary match with Mankind, and his 2002 Cell match with Brock Lesnar. All three were spectacular, the best matches on the DVD.

    Surprisingly, the worst matches on the DVD (not that they were that bad) were the matches against Kane. The two have had a heated rivalry over the years, but their matches weren't that great. Especially the Wrestlemania 20 match between the two.

    I thought the Undertaker's transition from Deadman to American Bad Ass, was a good thing. It showed a human side to him. But, it was also great to see him return to the darkside.