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  • a legend in the ring,he has seen it all had it all done it all and most importantly is loyal to the wwe

    the undertaker is why most people watch smackdown!. he has been a staple of the brand for a very long time now and is one of the top faces of the company.the fans cheer for him like crazy and who blames them? i know i mark out when he wins a championship.from his debut at survivor series to each and every one of his classics including the undertaker vs shawn michaels in a hell in a cell,undertaker vs mankind hell in a cell,undertaker vs hulk hogan for the wwf championship 1992,his debut,undertaker vs vince mcmahon buried alive match,undertaker vs kane (all of their bouts),every smackdown episode he appears on is special,he draws,sells merchandise and he can make most people look good,he even made batista look good in their matches.he does not mind doing the job to other superstars and he has been battling injuries his whole career,but he keep's coming back!"did you hear about the man who cannot die, he's been buried alive,burned,taken out in a casket but he keeps coming back!"undertaker unlike hogan bret and flair is the true classic who never deserted the wwf during the wcw vs wwf days, even when the wwf was losing badly he stuck with them.the undertaker has been through it all.the attitude era,the 1990-1995 era,the 2000+ years and each and every year he keeps getting better,unlike other wrestlers he improves with age,when you think he can't get any better or he can't bump like he used to he shocks the hell out of you and looks like a 20 year old in that ring instead of a man in his 40s even for a guy who doesn't do alot of speaking, he sure gets the message across,he is really like a fine wine only improves with one is as loyal are as hardworking as the undertaker in the wrestling business,i can gurantee it