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    • Mark's loss to Hart set up a Hell in a Cell match between Mark and Shawn Michaels on October 5, 1997. The match took place at the Badd Blood in St.Louis, Missouri. The ring was enclosed in a steel cage that was 16 feet tall. Both wrestlers Mark and Shawn were locked inside the cell. During the match, Michaels knowcked down a cameraman who was inside the cell. Referees opened the cell door to remove the cameraman. When the cell door was opened Michaels then escaped from the cell and climbed to the top. Mark then followed Shawn. Mark backdropped Michaels on the top of the cell. Mark later threw Michaels off the cell and into a table beside the ring. Mark then dragged Michaels back into the cell. Michaels lay on the mat as Mark got ready to do a Tombstone Piledriver. Glen Jacobs then came to the cage. Jacobs wrestles as Kane. Kane ripped the door off the cell and took Mark down with a Tombstone Piledriver. Kane's actions cost Mark the match.