Mark Collier





5/27/1971 , Ocala, Florida, USA

Birth Name




He did some local theater while growing up in small town Ocala, FL, but by the time Mark Collier got to high school, he equated drama club to "being in band." At Georgia Southern University, he majored in public relations, psychology and even accounting, but spent most of his time with his fraternity. When he graduated, Collier's first job was in medical sales, but all it took was a transfer to Miami to get him back on the acting track. After landing a few commercial jobs, he moved to L.A. More commercials (for things like beer, cars and tooth whiteners), theater and some bit parts (including a role in the Dixie Chicks' "Ready To Run" video) followed, which he subsidized by waiting tables and working as a club doorman. In 2002, Mark landed the part of self-destructive, nice-guy construction worker Mike Kasnoff, which had last been played by Shawn Christian in 1997. Fans were immediately accepting, and even Christian's manager, a friend from the gym back in L.A., wished him well. Collier was nominated for Outstanding Newcomer at the 2003 Soap Opera Digest Awards.