Mark Copani

Mark Copani


11/7/1981, Syracuse, New York, USA

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Also Known As

Muhammed Hassan
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He just wanted respect but that didn't happen. Mark Copani, in WWE called Muhhammed Hassan, expressed his way about how Arab-Americans were being treated in America. He called the US troops cowards. He has expressed it on Mick Foley, and recent, Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler,…more


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    • Due to pressure from the Viacom network and UPN, his character is being dropped by the WWE. This stems from an incident on SmackDown where masked men, that looked like terrorists, attacked the Undertaker on Hassan's orders.

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  • He is great wrestler. His skills on the mic are amazing. I can't wait to see what the future hold for him.

    For anyone who has never seen this wrestle you are missing something. He was welly trained. He is great on the mic. Hearing one of his promos is amazing. Plus Daivari throws in his Farsi and it makes perfect duo. I really hope that the WWE utilizes all his talents because if that's the case then we WWE fans haven't seen nothing yet.

    Hey Vinny Mac..when is Hassan going to get a title?moreless