Mark Ferguson





2/28/1961 , Sydney, Australia

Birth Name

Mark Ferguson




Mark was born on 28 February 1961 in Sydney, Australia. He attended the NIDA [National Institute of Dramatic Arts] together with his friend Hugo Weaving, another future actor.

1981 they graduated from NIDA and Mark started his acting career. His had a part in the TV series Sons and Daughters, played alongside Michael York in the film The Far Country and starred in The Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior. He also portrayed the twin brothers Darryl and Damian Neilson in the popular New Zealand soap Shortland Street and had a stint in the award-winning animation short film When Ponds Freeze Over.

In 1994 he made his first appearance in Hercules- The Legendary Journeys, playing 'Prometheus' in Hercules and the Circle of Fire - a somewhat un-challenging role with nothing to say and nothing to do except sitting on a kind of throne. In the same year he continued this career as a Greek God, this time as 'Hades' in the TV movie Hercules in the Underworld. This was followed by many guest appearances in episodes of both Hercules - The Legendary Journeys and Xena - Warrior Princess. Also in that year, Mark and Jim McLarty founded their own production company 'Spontaneous Productions'.

Always fond of improvisation theatre, which is very popular in Australia, Mark was one of the founders of Theatresports in New Zealand, also developing many of their programmes. Later, in 1999, he produced and hosted the TV improv show Scared Scriptless.

In 1999/ 2000 Mark, like many of his fellow Kiwis, booked a role in Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy. Two roles, actually, as he did not only play the Elvenking Gil Galad, but also filmed some scenes as the Witchking of Angmar. Unfortunately, the Witchking-material wasn't used in the end and even the several months of being an Elvenking resulted in nothing more but two short scenes, leading to the assertion that his credit-time would be longer than his screen-time. In 2001 audiences saw him as New Zealand-host of reality shows Big Brother and The Mole, followed by several TV Specials of Big Brother in 2001 and 2002. Also in 2001 Mark played Andrew Couch in the TV series Spin Doctors, a parody show set in an imaginative PR-agency.

One of Mark's specialities is his versatility. His work includes - apart from acting - business seminars, comedy shows, presentations for every sort of company event, commercials and much more. At the moment he focuses mostly on his business work. Mark is boss of his own company, Ovation Business Theatre, which has specialised on translating business messages into entertaining and remarkable events. Mark is based in Auckland.