Mark Goddard

Mark Goddard


7/24/1936, Lowell, Massachusetts

Birth Name

Charles Goddard


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Mark was born in Lowell, Massachusetts in 1936, the youngest of five children. He was raised in Scituate, MA, a small town outside of Boston. His birth name was Charles, so he was "Chuck" to his siblings and friends. He became a local celebrity in high school when…more


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  • "To Space and Back"

    If you'd like to read more about Mr. Goddard, be sure to pick up his personally signed book right to you with that title (above) which is a lighthearted read of his memoirs. Perhaps you'd like to say hello to him, he does occasionally drop in at

    But try not to get lost in space along the way!
  • mark goddard was underused in the series. his best episodes were with jonathan harris in the third season.

    he was a pretty stock character when the show started. his banter with dr. smith was a highlight. major don west was the pilot of the jupiter 2 and he was famous for crash landings. he occasionally landed on a perfect circle. i liked mark goddard as he was pretty rock solid as major west. he was caught between the parallel world of dr. smith, will and the robot and the rest of the family. his character could intermingle with the two worlds. in the early episodes, he was out with john, maureen, judy, penny and the bloop on the chariot. later he was left to watch over smith, will and the robot. a good casting choice made by irwin allenmoreless