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Mark Hildreth graduated from the English acting program at The National Theatre School of Canada. He is active on the stage, screen, and in the voice-over industry. His previous stage roles include: Richard of Glouster (Richard III), Macduff (Macbeth), Silvio (Carlo Goldonis: The Servant of Two Masters), and…more


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    • Award nominations:

      1989 - Young Artist Award at the Young Artist Awards - Best Young Actor/Actress Ensemble in a Television Comedy, Drama Series or Special for After the Promise (1987)
      2005 - Leo at the Leo Awards - Feature Length Drama: Best Lead Performance by a Male for Everyone (2004)
      2005 - Leo at the Leo Awards - Feature Length Drama: Best Supporting Performance by a Male for Earthsea (2004)
      2006 - Leo at the Leo Awards - Best Supporting Performance by a Male in a Dramatic Series for Young Blades (2005), for episode DaVinci's Notebook.

    • In 2003 Mark joined the Davis Trading as a keyboardist and singer. He left the band in 2004.

    • Mark is a recipient of the Jessie Richardson award.

    • Mark has a band called the Mark Hildreth Band.

  • Quotes

  • Mark Hildreth is one of those actors that just make you smile. Since his work includes stage, film, and the recording studio, his credits cover a gamut of genres, and interests. He is definitely an actor to keep your eye—and ear—on.moreless

    Has no one really not written a review about this man? Mark Hildreth is quickly becoming one of my favorite actors to watch on screen and hear off. My first exposure to him was in the movie Legend of Earthsea (in which I loved to despise him). But then I discovered that he has been in movies and shows that I’ve watched forever which gives him a comfortable, familiar feeling that makes me smile. His versatility allows him to cross from soldier to voiceover to wizard to musketeer and still master each. It's Mark Hildreth's voice that pulled you into all those episodes of Gundam Wing and other anime cartoons. Sadly, I was never heavy into anime but I still have a strong respect for all of his voiceover work and anime fans absolutely love him too. I was a cartoon fan, though, and remember the episodes of X-Men: Evolutions he was on (don’t we all wish we could fly?) and have even endured a few Barbie movies (which were more than tolerable) while babysitting because he was the voice of the charming prince. Though he has been acting and doing voiceovers for quite a while, his recent roles for television have made him more accessible to a wider range of fans. One of his latest endeavors is the series Young Blades; his character is the philomath Siroc whose affinity for inventing frequently brings in modern marvels in a humorous way. If you can’t catch him on the small screen, definitely look for him on stage or for his up-and-coming album that will most definitely delight the masses (he didn’t make it all those years in voiceover work for no reason! Personally, I could listen to him talk all day.). Mark Hildreth is a talented actor that will always have a future in film or television or wherever his drive takes him. Call it depth, call it passion, whatever it is, he brings it to any role with a promise that you won’t be lacking in character appreciation.moreless
  • Diamond in the wrought

    he seems like a very interesting and original actor, he brings alive the characters he provides voices for. it is unfortunate not enough credit is awarded to him or people in that profession. i hope to see more of him in the film industry and wish him the best of luck in his music industry. but does anyone know wat month he was born in, i wonder what sign he is?moreless