Mark Hoppus

Mark Hoppus


3/15/1972, Ridgecrest, California, USA

Birth Name

Mark Allan Hoppus


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He is the Co-lead vocalist and bassist for Blink-182. he got married to Skye Everly in December 2nd 2000 and in August 5th 2002 they had their son Jack. He has dogs named Cheeseburger and Atticus.


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    • Mark: If I were a girl, I'd fake an orgasm everytime I went to the gynecologist.

    • Mark: If at first you don't succeed, pay someone else to do it for you.

    • Mark: Remember to eat, sleep, and blink!

    • Mark: Farts and poop are still funny and will always be funny.

    • Mark: (about (+44)) The sound of (+44) is still developing right now. Right now to me it sounds like punk rock meets '80s synth rock, meets... all different kind of influences are in there. I mean, there are songs where it's like a hip hop beat with electric guitar over it or like a really trance-y beat with keyboards on top of that, and some are just straight forward rock songs.

    • Mark: Lets hear it for blow jobs, everyone.

    • Mark: A lot of guys like to fantasize about having sex with 2 girls at the same time... I like to fantasize about having sex with the same girl twice, thank you!

    • Mark: Travis wears Victoria's Secret vanilla perfume. He is seriously the best-smelling dude in the band. Tom and I used to make fun of him 'cause he always burns candles and incense, but we stopped because we relized we like the scent.

    • (Joking when being asked about the meaning of "Dammit" video)
      : The concept of this video is that we found out a way to clone dinosaurs, and we store them in bugs.

    • (Talking with a fan)
      Mark: Why are you in love with me? Do you have a thing for ugly, fat, disgusting guys?
      One of Kari's (Tom's sister)friends: No, I have a thing for cute, talented guys.
      Mark: Oh, then you should like Travis.

    • (Mark talks about the Meet and Greet)
      Mark: It's the most creepy part of being in a band, it's called meet & greet... Meet & creep! Then we just move this way... slowly.

    • Mark: You never find anything better than to go home!

    • Mark: Make yourself do something stupid so when you really do something stupid you won't feel so bad.

    • (When is mother started to sing the blink song Transvestite, to show that he knew all the blink songs)
      Mark: See, my mom sings about transvestites! I'm not the crazy one!

    • Mark: We've done the same things that we were doing in the beginning, and we never wanted our band to stay small. I mean, we want our band to be as big as it can, and I'm not going to die wondering about some kid that calls us a sell-out at a show. I don't have a problem being on MTV, and I don't have a problem being on the radio. I actually like it. So there. And anyone that calls me a sellout is just jealous.

    • (Before starting a show)
      Some guy: Mark, any last words before your show?
      Mark: The last thing I wanna do tonight is a show. I just wanna go home.
      Some guy: Dude, that's what you said last night!
      : That's what I say every night.

    • Mark: Hard work, studying and perseverance will get you no where in life... it's all about kissing ass.

    • Mark: I think age is just a stupid number.

    • Mark: (about Take Off Your Pants And Jacket) I think this record's gonna probably sell five or six records...

    • Mark: To sum up Tom in one word would be: feminine.

    • Mark: I once tried to start a nudist colony in our bus, and it pretty much ended up as just me hanging around naked...

    • Mark: I don't feel like I'm a stable person at all.

    • Mark: I think there's nothing more awkward or stupid looking than a naked guy.

    • Mark: Were not stars.... were all just dorks in a band.

    • Mark: I have no idea why people like our band. Maybe bad taste is in.

    • Mark: I see my job in the band as basically to be on stage as the village idiot, to act like a jakeass, and to make a total fool out of myself whenever possible.

    • Mark: I don't need to advertise my punkness. A real punk doesn't need to show off...Its like a Karate man... the Karate man bleed on the inside. A real punk is punk on the inside.

  • I say hot?

    What can I say about Mark Hoppus? Except that he is one of the greatest musical artists of all time! He is an awesome bass player and singer. He is also very funny when he wants to be and sometimes even when he's not trying. The song, 'What's My Age Again', has some of the most funny lyrics, that I have ever heard in a song and a very strange but, highly entertaining video. Blink's song, 'Dammit', also sang by Mark, has a very funny video as well. The lyrics to the song, 'I Won't Be Home For Christmas', make me laugh everytime I hear them. His more recent band, (+ 44) is also a very good band, with some of the sounds and lyrics that I would expect from blink-182. I just think that he is an all around amazing musical artist and person.moreless
  • BLINK 182 KICKS @$$!

    My god...i dont even know where to begin!! first off: blink 182 is The single most Best band in the Entire world...and i love them! plus 44 is freaking awesome too, but doesnt come nearly as freaking awesome as blink 182 was and still is! i seriously listen to the Enema of the State cd Every Single Day and i never get sick of it! my current favorite songs by them are Online Songs, Roller Coaster, and Dammit, and i dont care how old the songs are cuz i dont care about stuff like that! man, i just love mark! he's freaking hot, he's talented, brilliant, not to mention hilarious!moreless