Mark Hudson





8/23/1951 , Portland , Oregon, USA

Birth Name

Mark Jeffery Anthony Hudson




Mark Hudson aka Mario Salerno, is the middle brother of the three Hudson brothers, born August 23 1951. Bill and Brett are his other two brothers. The Hudson Brothers were prominent during the 1970's as a vocal group with a teen following.

Since their split, Mark has been the most visible and successful of the three.

As an example, Mark's performance of "Alan Oddy Greco" - friend to "Chucky Margolis", is a memorable performance on the "Hudson Brothers Comedy Hour".
Mark has also had stage experience, as "The Cowardly Lion", in the stage version of "Wizard of Oz". He decided, along with brothers Bill and Brett, that they should give stage a try - for the fun of it!

Mark married Wendy Goteley in 1976. He has one daughter from this marriage -singer Sara Hudson, whose album "Naked Truth" was released in September 2004.

He has also a step-daughter Melanie, from Wendy's first marriage. In 1993, after 16 years of marriage they divorced.

Mark is the uncle of Kate Hudson - actress and her brother Oliver Hudson - actor and great uncle of course to Kate's son, Ryder Robinson.

In 1986, he was the bandleader on Fox's short-lived "The Late Show Starring Joan Rivers". Ms. Rivers referred to the band as, "Mark Hudson, The Party Boys and The Tramp."

Since then, Mark has found his niche in the writing side of the music business. But it was his relationship with producing legend Phil Ramone that led Hudson to return his focus to the producion recording booth. Acquaintances since the late '70s, Hudson decided to pursue “The Pope of Pop,” as he (and quite a few others) refers to Ramone, “to learn more about this great lust that I had for sound. When the Hudson Brothers broke up, I sort of pursued bothering him, until he said to me, ‘Okay, hang out.’”

“We just hit it off, and we started doing musical things together,” Ramone remembers. Hudson began attending sessions — Billy Joel, Barbara Streisand, the soundtrack to Flashdance among them — and “I did everything from shutting up to assisting with vocal arrangements,” Hudson says.

Not long after, Hudson was “pushed out of the nest,” as he puts it, and sent off on his own. “I was so comfortable in ‘Phil Ramone Land’ that I was afraid to go away,” he admits. “To me, he was like a dad.”

By 1993, Hudson had settled into a new home, a large office across the hall from the present Whatinthewhathe?, where he not only worked but also lived for a time. Hudson began writing and producing demos, both his own music and for others.

1996, Hudson moved across the hall to his present location, where he had the opportunity to work with three young hit-makers, Hanson, directing vocals for their chart-topping Middle of Nowhere album.

Whatinthewhathe? Studio is a tiny wooden office over a Thai restaurant in West Los Angeles, up whose rickety wooden back stairs. have climbed some of the biggest names in modern music to drop in, laugh and make dynamite records. The walls are covered with pictures of the Beatles themselves (and others), some autographed, some posed with the proprietor. "When Ringo first came here, I actually had to take some of them down",Hudson confesses. "I was afraid he'd think I was a stalker!"

Soundproofing was initially not a concern in the 1920s-era structure, which still features the original wood floors and doors. During a track on Vertical Man, the neighbors came a-knocking. "At the very end of the song ‘Mindfield,’ Joe Walsh and I were playing our guitars, holding the last note of the song, waiting for the sustain to die out," Hudson recalls. "Suddenly, we hear these angry-sounding high heels marching down the hallway. It was the lady from the Thai restaurant downstairs coming to complain! She pounded on the door to tell us to turn it down. But when she saw Ringo sitting there at his kit — ‘Hello!’ — she got all friendly and offered to bring us Thai food....I wish I were a Beatle!" During the mix, Ringo decided to keep the high heels at the end of the track. "He said, "Then at the end, we'll blow her up!" an effect achieved by dropping a Fender Reverb amp on the floor and recording the "explosion"!

He has since produced and writen songs for many artists, such as Bon Jovi, Ringo Starr, Ozzy Osbourne, Celine Dion and Aerosmith. Hudson co-wrote the Aerosmith hit "Livin' On The Edge", in 1993 for which he received a Grammy nomination. This put him firmly on the map as a songwriter.

Mark has toured with Ringo Starr as part of his "All- Starr" band. He has produced, co-written and sung on Ringo's last three CD's, "Vertical Man" Ringo Rama" and "Choose Love".

They've been friends even longer, back to the early '70s, when fellow Beatle John Lennon was in L.A. for his "Lost Weekend" period. Pals with both Starr and legendary songsmith/singer Harry Nilsson, Hudson was even in attendance that fateful night at The Troubador when Lennon heckled the Smothers Brothers and was asked to leave after donning a sanitary napkin on his head and annoying a waitress. "It was a pretty raucous time," he recalls.

He is also a semi-regular and popular Beatles convention guest, appearing at conventions in Chicago and also for the last three years at the New York "Beatlefest", where he joins onstage to play guitar with a variety of fellow "Beatlephiles"in a mass jam session. Mark is a self confessed Beatle fan - who grew up idolising them - John Lennon in particular. "I saw The Beatles play in concert in 1965. It was probably my first and only homosexual experience," jokes Hudson.

In February of 2003 Mark and Ringo started their own record lable called Pumkinhead Records. Leaving the second "P" out of the word "Pumkin", was Ringo Starr's idea. The first signing to the lable was Liam Lynch who released
his first album on Pumkinhead in mid 2003 called "Fake Songs". Hudson produced Lynch's album at his studios in LA.

In 2004, he was recruited by Sharon Osbourne as vocal coach for her team of singers for the UK TV show "X-Factor" . This show is similar in content to "American Idol". Known as "Weird Beard" in the UK, for his colourful facial hair and dress, he coached all the under 25's in the first series and the over 25's in the second. The colorful beard (which regulary changes hue)is a tribute to his daughter Sarah, who dyes her hair, and so in support of her ambitions, Mark decided to dye his beard too! There have been remarks in the UK press that it appears as if a parrot has crash landed on his face!

March 5th 2006 saw his first No1 in the UK Top 40 singles chart - an original song he had written for Chico Slimani - X Factor contestant. Called "Chico Time", it displaced Madonna from the top of the chart and also prevented the Pussy Cat Dolls from reaching No1. It has sold over 100,000 copies in the UK.

X-Factor "Battle of the Stars" was screened in the UK week commencing May 29th 2006. Mark was recruited again to reprise his coaching role, this time with "celebrities" who performed in a week long once-a-night version of the show, raising money for their chosen charity. The show was "won" by Lucy Benjamin - actress; runner up was Matt Stevens - England Rugby International. The British public voted for their favourites and the judges - Sharon Osbourne, Louis Walsh and Simon Cowell, sat in judgement.

Mark regularly visits Nashville for the song writers sessions and festivals, that are held there frequently. Mark had Aerosmith's Steven Tyler making a guest appearance on Keith Anderson's single released in July 2006, the title track from his debut album, "Three Chord Country and American Rock & Roll".

The single was remixed by Mark Hudson in Nashville, who added Tyler's vocal in LA. Hudson got the idea after noticing a reference to Aerosmith in the song's lyrics. "Steven is a huge country fan," Hudson says. "He actually turned me on to Kitty Wells, stuff like that. We've had many conversations about the elements of how rock 'n' roll began, and it really did begin with country -- folks like Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison, Chet Atkins."

On the day that Anderson and Tyler were supposed to record - Tyler had to have an operation on his throat and so after a period of recovery, went into Mark's studio in LA to lay down the vocals.

Early 2007, Hudson was invited to participate for the third year running at CMW. The Canadian Music Week is the most prestigious event in Canada’s music industry calendar, showcasing over 500 bands across 40 venues and inviting industry experts to share their knowledge at seminars.

Hudson's seminar panel, included fellow songwriting associates, Nile Rodgers, Glen Ballard and Don Was. He also took the stage for an evening performance "In-the-round" at the CMW Songwriter's Festival 2007, sharing his stories with an appreciative audience.