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  • Trivia

    • (2014) Mark portrays an abusive husband in the Lifetime movie Run for Your Life.

    • (2012) Mark appeared an episode of Lifetime's Prank My Mom hidden-camera reality show.

    • (2015) Mark has a recurring role in the Hallmark Channel series When Calls the Heart as preacher, Frank Hogan.

    • In 2009 Mark appeared in the TV movie Encounter with Danger with Shannen Doherty. He plays her fiance, Jack, who disappears while on vacation.

    • Mark appeared as Detective Ronaldson in three episodes of Season 3 of the Canadian comedy series G-Spot (2009).

    • Mark guest starred in a November 2008 episode of CSI: Miami called "Gone Baby Gone" as Stuart Walsh, the father of a kidnapped baby.

    • In 2008 Mark appeared in the LMN TV movie Little Girl Lost, as Detective Ronald Rickman, and in the Sci-Fi film Vipers as Sheriff Hendricks.

    • Mark is 6'1" and has brown eyes.

    • Mark played Dave, an ambitious editor, in the 2010 independent feature film Summer Eleven.

    • Mark met his (former) wife Wendel Meldrum while working on the PBS American Playhouse production of Breakfast with Les and Bess in 1985.

    • Mark attended the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in New York for one year and then studied with Lee Strasberg in his master class.

    • Mark decided to become an actor while he was in high school. He began working in commercials as a teen.

    • Mark auditioned for the role of The Minister in "The Purge" episode of First Wave before being offered the role of Trent.

    • Mark played the drums in several rock bands before seriously pursuing his acting career. He began playing the drums when he was eight years old. He also plays acoustic guitar.

    • Mark has four siblings. His three brothers are all professional musicians. His oldest brother John is a bass player who lives in Los Angeles and performs around the world with guitarist Scott Henderson. His brother Paul is a singer/songwriter who lives in Ontario, Canada. Paul was a member of the Toronto based new-wave group Blue Peter in the 1980's and is currently pursuing a solo career. His youngest brother Andy is a professional singer/songwriter/guitarist who lives in Portugal. Mark's sister Lesley is a former top model at Ford who has appeared on the cover of Vogue; she now works as a stage manager in Toronto.

    • (2005) Mark appeared in Cruel But Necessary with his ex-wife Wendel Meldrum, and their son, Luke Humphrey. In the film they play the roles of Betty Munson, her ex-husband, Doug Munson, and their son, Darwin Munson.

    • (2006) Mark starred with Molly Ringwald in the Lifetime TV movie The Wives He Forgot. He played Gabriel. (2005) Mark starred with Sarah Lancaster in the Lifetime TV movie Living with the Enemy. He played Phillip Lauder. (2004) Mark co-starred with Alison Eastwood in the TV movie I'll Be Seeing You based on a Mary Higgins Clark novel. He played Mac.

    • In 2007 Mark starred alongside Catherine Bell in the LMN network movie Still Small Voices. He played Ash Summer.

  • Quotes

    • Mark: (On working with family members in Cruel but Necessary) It was the best job working with my real family. So much fun, not only because they are fun to be with, but they are also excellent actors. The relationships on screen are very different to that of my real life. Wendel and I are still good friends and we love and adore Luke.

    • Mark: (on becoming an actor) We used to stay up late watching old movies for as long as I can remember. I always wanted to be the guy on the screen, but it wasn't until High School that I made the decision to go for it, the sense of adventure, challenge and the opportunity to portray other interesting characters was what compelled me towards acting.

    • Mark: (about his favorite activities) I love playing all sports and being out in the middle of nature. I wanted to be a professional football player from the age of ten. I was my high school's quarterback. When I was faced with the choice of a career between football, drumming or acting... I chose acting.

    • Mark: (on playing the role of Trent on First Wave) He was an honourable character who had a very strong moral value system in place, and I got great satisfaction out of playing someone like that.

    • Mark: (about being an actor) I love the challenge and learning more about myself through acting.