Mark Lutz

Mark Lutz


Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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Mark Douglas Lutz



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Mark Douglas Lutz was born February 14th, 1970, in Montreal, Quebec. As a child, Mark spend a lot of time swimming with the Pointe Claire Swim Club. At 13, Mark moved to Hong Kong, living there for five years, before moving back to Canada. In Toronto, Mark finished…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Sometimes, when Mark Lutz goes to visit neighbour Andy Hallet, Andy will hide in his study, ignoring the promptings at the door. Mark will then climb Andy's wall and end up on a balcony. Mark will then surprise Andy by appearing unexpectedly in an upstairs window.

    • There were talks of Mark Lutz returning to 'Angel' for one or two episodes in season 4, but Mark never did.

    • Mark Lutz attended the world priemire for 'The Bourne Identity'.

    • When asked what role Mark Lutz would cast Joss Whedon in, he responded 'God'.

    • Mark Lutz has been nominated for 'The IVy Awards' television awards for the 2005-06 TV season. The awards are arranged by 'The TV IV'. The winners will be decided at the end of August.

    • At one Buffy-Angel convention, Mark realized that Mercedes McNab (Harmony) was very anxious about going out on stage. Mark, having arrived early, ran out onto stage and began doing improv comedy, which relaxed Mercedes to no end.

    • On a UK convention Mark was asked a question, it started with "If you were a bird..." he thought the question would continue, what bird would you be?
      He was shocked when the question continued: "who would be the first person you'd crap on?"

    • Mark was expecting to be asked to be on 'Sex and The City', and in anticipation bought the first two seasons on DVD. The show producers never asked.

    • During a Dali Lami tribute concert in Sydney Opera House, Mark Lutz was sitting very close to the actual Dali Lama.

    • Mark lives next door to fellow 'Angel' actor Andy Hallett, who plays Lorne.

    • Originally, Mark Lutz was painted gold for his role as the Groosalugg on 'Angel.' The gold paint looked green on camera, so they tried silver paint instead, and then blue. Eventually, Tim Minear decided to let Mark/the Groosalugg be skin-toned.

    • Mark Lutz, aside from being cast as the star, wrote the screenplay for CBC TV bio-pic 'Victor'.

    • Mark's character in 'Angel', The Groosalugg, was abruptly written out of the series. No further reference is made to him after the end of season 3 despite his relationship with the character of Cordelia Chase.

    • Mark used to film homemade movies as a child, and he attributes that to leading to his acting career.

    • Mark is Eddie Johnson in the upcoming movie A Lobster Tale.

    • Mark has set Canadian National records and Ontario High School records in swimming. Mark has swam internationally for Canada, in the World Cups and the Olympic Trials.

    • Mark has an Honors BA in Political Science from the University of Guelph, in Ontario.

    • Mark Lutz is set to star in a CBC TV bio-pic of Davis titled Victor. Davis was a swimmer and won a gold medal for the 200-metre breaststroke at the 1984 Olympics. Bernard Zukerman found Lutz the ideal man for the project because Lutz was a swimmer himself.

    • Mark's dream of joining in the Olympic swimming team came to an end in his early 20's when he blew out his shoulder. After a couple of operations his swimming career was over and he started acting.

    • Since Mark played in Angel he has appeared at many conventions, often with his friend Andy Hallett (who also played on Angel as the character Lorne).

    • He really is as buff as his performance as the Groosalugg suggests - Mark is an international swimmer who has tried out for the Olympics.

    • Mark's hobbies include scuba diving wich he has done all over the world, including Fiji, Hawaii, Grand Cayman, Turks and Caicos, and South Africa.

    • Mark Lutz's birthday is on Valentine's Day.

  • Quotes

    • Mark Lutz (about Victor Davis): It's an amazingly complex role. He was a guy with strong emotions, a kid from the wrong side of the tracks who had run-ins with the law.

    • Mark Lutz: A lot of times as an actor you can just tell when you read a script if it's good.

    • Mark Lutz: I grew up on Star Trek and shows like that.

    • Mark Lutz: I used to gobble those books up as a kid. I really enjoy any fantasy kind of genre.

    • Mark Lutz: In my profession, I have to stay in pretty good shape, and a lot of the roles that I've done have been very physical characters.
      But getting back into the pool is a different animal. It's a whole new level of fitness.