Mark Margolis





11/26/1939 , Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Birth Name

Mark Margolis




Mark Margolis is an actor from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, who started his film career later in life. Born in 1939, Margolis studied acting at the Actors Studio under the mentorship of Stella Adler during the late the 70s. He entered show business working on television, making his debut in the 1976 TV drama, The Other Side of Victory. His first role in a major film came a year later, playing a citizen in the crime-drama, Short Eyes. Margolis continued working film for the next few years, appearing in small roles in the motion pictures, Dressed to Kill and Arthur. He landed a supporting role in the 1983 Oliver Stone-Brian de Palma blockbuster, Scarface. For the rest of his career, the actor would play character roles in TV and movies. Margolis career reignited after his 2000 performance in Requiem for a Dream. The renewed interest in the actor's services led to supporting roles in the blockbuster motion pictures, The Fountain, The Wrestler, and Black Swan.