Mark McGwire

Mark McGwire


10/1/1963, Pomona, California, USA

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Mark David McGwire


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Mark was a Major League Baseball player for 16 seasons. He set a record for most home runs in a season with 70 in 1998 while playing for the St. Louis Cardinals.


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    • McGwire: What a perfect way to end the home stand, by hitting sixty-two for the city of St. Louis and all the fans. I truly wanted to do it here and I did. Thank you St. Louis.

    • McGwire: Only sixteen players have hit fifty or more homers in a season. To me, that's a very special milestone.

    • McGwire: I study pitchers. I visualize pitches. That gives me a better chance every time I step into the box. That doesn't mean I'm going to get a hit every game, but that's one of the reasons I've come a long way as a hitter.

    • McGwire: I don't know if I want to break my own record. I think I would rather leave it as it is.

    • (After finishing the baseball season with a two-homer day, giving him a record 70 for the year. Sept. 27, 1998)
      Mark: I mean, it's unheard of for somebody to hit 70 home runs, so I'm like in awe of myself right now.

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    Look! its another barry bonds. McGwire didnt hit 70 home runs he didnt hit any. You know why because he did the juice. Im a big Cardinals fan but Mark McGwire I forget who he was. He gives the Cardinals a bad name. Its a good thing Pujols will make everyone forget about him. Not only was McGwire a cheater and a fraud but he was also a jerk to fans. Ive always been a Cardinals fan but when I got older and knew who McGwire I wasnt anymore. I went with Seattle and Arizona cause of Randy Johnson. But when McGwire retired I went back to the cards. And you know what he never made a W.S. appearence with St Louis. I give Mark a bad rating and its my pleasure to make it lower.moreless