Mark McKinney





6/26/1959 , Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Birth Name

Mark Douglas Brown McKinney




Originally from Ottawa, but since his father was a diplomat his family moved around quite a bit. Some of the places he lived while growing up were Trinidad, Paris, Mexico, and Washington D.C. where he attended a boarding school. Went to University in Newfoundland, moved to Calgary after he dropped out. I'm assuming he lived in Toronto during the KITH years. And at the current time Mark and his family live in Manhattan, NY.
Previous Jobs: worked at his college's radio station and Foothills Piano shop(in Calgary).
What was his major at the University of Newfoundland? Well, for the short while he was there, he was a political science major.
How'd he hook up with the rest of the kids? He met Bruce in Calgary at the place called "The Loose Moose Theater" where they did ComedySportz together. Soon after that they became friends and started a late night comedy revue called "The Late Night Comedy Revue" At some point they started a comedy troupe called "The Audience" with a few other guys. The troupe moved them to Toronto and that's where they met Dave and Kevin who were the Kids in the Hall. Later on they hooked up with Scott (who came to a KITH stage show and wound up joining).