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  • Mark-Paul Gosselaar won me over with his realistic portrayal of mischeavous, girl-chasing Zack Morris in the long running series "Saved By The Bell"

    Commander In Chief is not the series that can showcase Mark-Paul Gosselaar's considerable charms.
    He is totally miscast as Dickie McDonald. The character does not work for him at all.

    Mark-Paul's charming personality and great looks should merit him starring in his own series!

    A classroom setting brought Mark-Paul Gosselaar into the hearts of adoring fans once.........WHY NOT AGAIN?

    Since Mark-Paul is now 32 years old he could play a high school teacher that interacts with his students.
    I do NOT mean a "Welcome Back Kotter" goofball comedy thing.
    That would be absurd.
    Something more in the style of a "Judging Amy" would work.

    Hell, for continuity his character could be Mr. Morris!

    It was no accident that Mark-Paul Gosselaar lit up every scene he appeared in on "Saved By The Bell"! He has the goods to pull off a very successful classroom drama series.

    I can envision a dozen episodes already. The story lines would be endless.

    If it worked once................well, as I said.....why not again?

    I wish Mark-Paul success in any project he tackles......and I am positive that a classroom setting would work for him!