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Mark Pitta


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Mark Pitta


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"It's difficult to know why a person is funny but I think I can point to one incident. I was watching the movie Scarface at home when my mom came to visit and it was her reaction to the ending of that movie gave me a clue as…more


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  • Let's hear it for Mark Pitta! He is Marin County's most underrated "studsickle" (as Judy Tenuta would say) comedian.

    Mark Pitta is one funny guy! For the past year and a half he has been putting on a comedy show called Mark Pitta & Friends at the

    142 Throckmorton Theater in Mill Valley, Ca. on Tuesday nights.

    Almost any website that has anything to do with Mark talks about KTVU ... he has not worked there for years, come one people, update your websites! The guy is busy putting old and new comics on stage in Mill Valley, bringing some laughter to stuffy Marin County.

    His shows are great, the theater lacks comfy seats, but hey, if you are laughing who cares about comfort. You will always walk away with a smile on your face after a Mark Pitta & Friends show.moreless