Mark Priestley

Mark Priestley


8/9/1976, Perth, Western Australia, Australia



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Mark Priestley


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Mark graduated from NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Arts) in Sydney in 1999. Some of Mark's student productions have included; One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest - Billy Bibbit A Cry From the City of Virgins American Buffalo - Teach Measure for Measure - Lucio A Chaste Maid…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Mark has performed on stage with The Sydney Theatre Company in 2003 in the play "Major Barbara."

    • Mark has performed with the Bell Shakespeare Company in the play "The Servant of Two Masters" in which he played 'Silvio'.

  • Quotes

    • Mark: (on how far he'd go to impress a girl) I've flown interstate for a girl and surprised her several times - my girlfriend, Kate. I'd go to pretty much any lengths...apart from murder. I wouldn't break the law.

    • Mark: (on All Saints co-star John Howard) John is a lovely, lovely guy in real life. Like everyone, he can have his bad days. And when he has his bad days, he can be pretty cranky. But in general, he's a pretty nice guy. He and I enjoy playing card games on set.

    • Mark: (on seeing a lot of blood on All Saints) I'm not squeamish at the sight of blood at all. When you grow up on a farm, you learn very quickly that death follows life.

    • Mark: (on playing a nurse in All Saints) I don't find it hard playing a nurse because we have nurses on set who help us out. We can say, 'How do you pronounce this?' or 'How do you do this?' and they show us. Actually being a nurse? No, I don't think I would be able to. It seems ike a very full-on job and not for me.

  • What an amazing young actor. I think he will become a great Aussie Star...

    Mark Priestley brings a lighter side to All Saints Western General. His great work in portraying Dan keeps me coming back for more each week. His cheeky attitude makes him great for a few laughs, although these days the writers have been giving him some tougher roles and more serious stories. I would love to see him with a cute young nurse or even a young aspiring doctor as he’s not been too lucky in love.

    Seriously though, Mark is a great young actor and I think his going to become a great big talent in Australia and I can’t wait to see that happen.