Mark Shera

Mark Shera


7/10/1949, Bayonne, New Jersey

Birth Name

Mark Shapiro


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Mark Shera was born and raised in Bayonne, New Jersey. He attended Boston University and graduated in May 1971 with a BFA in acting. In December of 1971 he was back in Boston and for nine months appeared in the Boston production of "Godspell" He then joined the…more


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  • Definitely underrated actor who I have enjoyed over the years.

    Mark Shera is one of those rare actors who can tell a story just by using facial expression. It adds so much to a character when the person playing them can convey so much just through the expression on their face.

    I first started watching Mark Shera when he appeared on the tv series S.W.A.T., as Officer Dominic Luca back in 1975. Since that time I have watched just about everything he has appeared in and with each show I realize what a talented actor he is and how he has never been given credit for the amazing performances he has turned in.

    Mark Shera spent 4 years playing the character of "J.R. Jones" on the tv series "Barnaby Jones". This was certainly a character that grew

    over the years and that was solely from the way he was portrayed by this talented actor.

    I will certainly continue to watch the shows I have that feature Mark Shera because I just don't think that there is a finer actor out there.moreless