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Mark Stern


New York, New York, USA

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  • FIRE MARK STERN! Get this bozo off the channel

    Causing Poor Ratings, Canceling shows, putting fake wrestling onto the channel meant for science fiction movies. Time to get rid of Mark Stern. Email his boss and put "FIRE MARK STERN!" into your message. He's losing money for the channel, for NBC which is now in last place in the ratings, and dragging down GE corporation. NBC posted a loss, down for the year, GE would have otherwise been up. Stern has alienated viewers, ruined the ratings of Battlestar Galactica, cancelled Stargate SG-1, cut good quality shows and instead fed you "Who Cares Who wants to be a Superhero" reality game shows, and is vowing to cut more scripted dramas and replace them with cheap unscripted programs. Mark Stern, NBC Universal, Sci fi channel caused a work stoppage on BSG, refused to pay the producers and writers for the webisodes, seized all of Ron's work, filed things against BSG with the WGA, and then the writer's guild of america came back and said Ron was correct, and that he should not produce anything more for NBC Universal Sci Fi channel regarding Battlestar Galactica webisodes until the matter is resolved. Mark Stern is leaving a trail of horrible executive decisions, he just bought 10 more of those low quality B-movies like some kind of Fish murdering people. Franken Fish, Snakehead Terror, Hammerhead Shark Frenzy,... that's what Mark Stern is filling the programming with and spending Network money on, rather than everyone's favorite dramas. Pathetic. Viewers hate this guy and he is making the sci fi channel into the laughing stock of the entire globe. People from UK, Holland, and India are even writing in Who is this guy and what the heck is he doing to your programming? This guy's bungles have attained international eye rolls and cringes at his actions and questionable decisions. Everyone has had enough. Time to Retire him out of there.moreless