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Mark Taylor


Mark Taylor Fan Reviews (3)

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  • He is frickin HOTT as hell! I'm In Love!!

    This is funny. My little girl wanted me to watch "Seventeen Again" with her. When she was telling me what the movie was about, I thought to myself, "I've seen this movie before a long time ago. Why was I watching it?" Well, it finally came to me, once the grandfather turned into a teen. I said, "Ohhh! That's why!" I was a 22 year old pervert at the time I watched it by myself. I stopped watching it once he turned back into an old man and I had a really nice dream about Mark that night, *wink*.

    I would love to see this gorgeous man, he is frickin HOTT as hell, on television. He is frickin HOTT as hell. He is so talented, he is frickin HOTT as hell and his voice is soooooo sexy, he is frickin HOTT as hell, it would make any woman melt. He is frickin HOTT as hell. Oh yeah, did I say that he was frickin HOTT as hell?