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Mark Trevorrow

Mark Trevorrow


2/4/1959, Murrumbeena, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Birth Name

Mark Richard Trevorrow



Also Known As

Bob Downe
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  • When the wig goes on and Bob comes out, your in for a good laugh

    The charecter Bob is brilliant. A truly unique comical act that has you smiling throughout.

    From Australia, Mark has proved his worth making making a name for himself at home and abroad.

    He's worked with some of the greats including Carr and Savage, and he makes them look good!

    His halirious singing in which he plays with a songs pitch and throws in halirious mannerisms is his trademark talent. Just as fun are his ace one liners, including "I almost broke my hair" (more funny when you hear him say it of course) followed by his beaming cheesy smile.

    Outside the act I have the good fortune to have chatted with Mark, and I can honestly say he is a really nice guy, who had plenty of time for a fan.moreless