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  • Is this hot guy a good actor? Perhaps he can take off his shirt while I decide.

    I have to agree with others who have posted here that Human Target is Valley's greatest role to date. The series is developing nicely and I can't wait for season 2. It is a puzzlement as to why he was even on BL or Fringe. He was so underused you'd think it was just to keep him off of anything else! He was a bright spot on both series but I had to go back to Keen Eddie to get any sense of his acting. Besides the fact that he is very handsome and all, he gives hints of being able to handle more difficult material. Now whether he can get all that done on Human Target is unknown. I wrestle with my desire to have him just take off his shirt a lot and my desire to see him really show some emotion. Perhaps he can take of his shirt and get emotional about it. Seriously, love the guy and hope HT goes the distance. I'll be watching.
  • Again, a small frame of reference really, but...

    ..."John Scott" (Fringe) and "Christopher Chance" (Human Target) are pretty darn good references, I think!

    I never really know what to think of the character, "John Scott" on Fringe, other than he was great to look at; even with transparent skin made of chicken cutlets and aloe. I was going to say, that in the end I was glad to see the character go, but with Fringe, one never really knows if someone or something actually went away or just found it's parallel place to hang out until the next portal opens...

    I do love Human Target and the ever evolving character of Christopher Chance. I think Mark was all over this character from the get-go and in a very short period of time, has made him a true TV hero: with action, humour, good character traits and all to be taken with a very liberal grain of salt.

    Good choice! Keep it coming FOX...