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  • Trivia

    • Markie was mentioned (but did not appear) in an episode, "A New Lease on Life", of Will and Grace.

    • Markie was reunited with John Ritter (her Hearts Afire costar) in the Scrubs episode "My Old Man". They each played a parent of one of the principal characters--JD and Elliot. They were not a couple on the show.

    • Markie has starred in six Lifetime movies: Appointment for a Killing, Survival on the Mountain, Tricks of the Trade, Someone She Knows, Chasing the Dragon, and I've Been Waiting For You.

    • Markie Post was always the original choice to star as the defense attorney on Night Court, unfortunately due to contract conflicts, she was unable to join the sitcom until the 3rd season.

    • In 2005, Markie was working with Interfaith Youth Core (as part of the Clinton Initiative) to raise $30,000 for a leadership conference for American and Jordanian youths.

    • In 1992, Markie showed up on the Disney Channel. She hosted their 5 day free preview for cable subscribers.

    • Markie's first job out of college was writing game show questions for shows like The Price Is Right.

    • At Lewis and Clark college in 1969, Markie was voted "biggest snob on campus".

    • Markie Post is good friends with ex-President, Bill Clinton. She was photographed numerous times with him throughout both of his presidential campaigns.

    • While starring on Night Court, Markie appeared in a public service announcement about fetal alcohol syndrome for NBC's The More You Know campaign.

    • Markie's real first name is Marjory but her brother could not pronouce it and called her Markie instead.

  • Quotes

    • Markie: I see prettier girls than me in the grocery store every day.

    • Markie: (About the Fall Guy) It was not a happy set. I felt like an outsider, a prop. I didn't even know about Heather Thomas' drug problem until a few months before it came out. I felt like I was nothing, a zero, and I'm prone to feel that way anyway.

    • Markie: Hollywood is known as a cynical place, and it can be. But that's not all that it is.