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Marko Panzic

Marko Panzic

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    • Marko: (on his plans following "So You Think You Can Dance") I'm a choreographer, so I'll probably be back doing classes and workshops. I want to teach as much as I can. I'd love to start a small company and slowly build it up. I was so happy to work with Jason Gilkison, and hopefully in the future I'll get to work on a project with him.

    • Marko: (on being eliminated from "So You Think You Can Dance") I came into it with no expectations. I came into it as a professional dancer already, so I came in just to perform and do what I do best. I wasn't about going out there and giving my whole life story because I didn't think it was necessary for me at the time. I just wanted to dance and have a great time. I'm so happy that I've stayed true to myself, which is so important - that you leave with integrity. I don't regret anything and I represented myself really well.

    • Marko: (at the beginning of 'So You Think You Can Dance') The way I dance comes from a real place with real emotion. I am true to myself so I will be true to the audience.

    • Marko: I always danced in front of the TV when Michael Jackson was on. He was a huge influence for me and helped start my journey in dance.

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