Marla Gibbs

Marla Gibbs


6/14/1931, Chicago, Illinois

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Marla Gibbs


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Marla Gibbs was born June 14, 1931 and grew up to be a television actress. Her most notable role of that of Florence Johnston, on The Jeffersons. She's had other roles on various sitcoms as well, including The Hughleys, Martin, Chappelle's Show, etc...


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    • Marla Gibbs: (About her co-star in 227, Jackee Harris) She is hysterically funny. As a matter of fact, she would say some things that were so outrageous or she'd do something and she'd have to stop and laugh herself and it would break me up, so we'd have to stop and go again.

    • Marla Gibbs: (About her character on Passions) Irma is crazy; she is absolutely out of her tree, let me tell you. But she is a fun character.

    • Marla Gibbs: (About her role on The Jeffersons) Florence was the person who was not going to take no bull from anybody, no matter how little money she made. Just because you don't have a lot of money does not mean you have to let people walk over you.

    • Marla Gibbs: (About The Jeffersons) It had something for everybody. People are still watching it. They see themselves in it. It has good messages. And it is apropos to today. Everything that went on then is going on now.

    • Marla Gibbs: I would play a role of a prostitute, if the character has some sort of message that would teach a good lesson. But I would not play a prostitute just for the sake of the prostitute being just a prostitute. That would be pointless to me.

    • Marla Gibbs: I do get calls to do some roles that I have turned down. If my spirit does not feel a role, I don't do it.

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    she was what made the jeffersons in my very humble opinion, and she has made every TVappearence worth it, a very underated Co Star.. Florence was why as a young girl I watched the Jeffersons, and she has never disapointed in any role she has had,I wish that she could get a good role today