Marlene Dietrich





12/27/1901 , Schöneberg, Germany



Birth Name

Marie Magdalena Dietrich von Losch




Marlene Dietrich was on December 27, 1901 in Schöneberg, a district of Berlin, Germany. Marlene was a German-born American actress, singer, and entertainer. She was the first German actress to become successful in Hollywood. She was the youngest of two daughters, in fact she had a sister (Elisabeth) that was a year older than her. Marlene's mother was from a well-to-do Berlin family who owned a clockmaking firm and her father,who died in 1907, was a police lieutenant. Marlene attended the Auguste Victoria School for Girls from 1906 - 1918 where she studied the violin and became interested in theatre and poetry. Her dreams of becoming a concert violinist were cut short when she injured her wrist. By the late 1920s, she was playing sizable parts on screen films like: Café Electric (1927), Ich küsse Ihre Hand, Madame (1928) and Das Schiff der verlorenen Menschen (1929). Marlene then moved to the U.S. on contract to Paramount. In the U.S. had a wonderful career; she starred in a lot of movies and became the star we all are still loving. She died on 6 May 1992.