Marley Shelton

Marley Shelton


4/12/1974, Los Angeles, California, USA

Birth Name

Marley Eve Shelton



Also Known As

Marlee Shelton
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A fresh-faced blonde with a passing resemblance to acting contemporary Heather Graham, Marley Shelton began her career as a child in the early 1990s, essayed scene-stealing supporting characters later in her career, and soon went on to land her first starring role in the high-school set black comedy…more


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    • (about filming an intimate romantic scene with actor Chris Klein)
      Marley: I thought of chocolate truffles - a lot of them - and the movie Splendor in the Grass. I also had that song A Kiss Is Just A Kiss from Casablanca running through my head.

    • Marley: I feel like some old-school screen diva when I talk about this stuff, but I've been watching dailies lately, and I realize that my eyes are kind of...large. If I turn them too far, I look like I'm possessed.

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  • Great actress.

    She is a great really actress. I first saw her in the movie named "Valentine (2001, with David Boreneaz).At that time I thought she was very pretty and adorable and still I think the same way.

    In eleventh hour, she really fits her role. She looks very cold and professional but also she has her own kind of humor and with Dr. Hood, they form a good team and also they are filling the gap of Grissom and Sara for me.

    She is a new face on the TV screen. As Eleventh hour, she gives new blood to the series viewers.moreless