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Marlo Corliss

Marlo Corliss

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  • Mark and Marlo Corliss - "Here Come The Newlyweds"

    I think Marlo is "hot!" She's a really fine girl, knows how to dress, has nice heels, sun-tanned just right. I'm surprised no other guy in the newlywed group has said anything about her. Mark looks pretty tough so I wouldn't want to make him mad, for sure! I think the strategies from each of the couples playing the game is pretty cool. I didn't like the first couple's comments about Mark and Marlo, but they didn't last long anyway. I think if Mark & Marlo play it cool, they'll get to the next level. When they were called up with the other couple on this last episode, I thought for sure that they would get eliminated, but no they made it by the skin of their teeth.

    Marlo, sweety...you are a bombshell! I wouldn't be surprised if a major mag wouldn't consider picking you up for endorsements (and not one of theose sleezy mags either, please!...let's keep it clean).moreless