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  • Awesome Band

    I love Maroon 5. I was in seventh grade when I got into them. I also think that Adam Levine is hot and has a great voice. My favorite song by them is "Misery" because we can all relate to it. Overall if you are trying to find good music to listen to, listen to Maroon 5.
  • One of my favorite bands

    Really like this band. I like a lot of their songs and owe some of their to. Hope they release many more hits before they break up for good.
  • Great exceped their songs tend to sound the same.

  • I love Maroon 5!

    Maroon 5's Songs About Jane cd was one of the first cd's I bought that I actually loved all the songs on. Songs like Secret, The Sun, and Must Get Out, actually every song, had meaning. I wish more music artist could be this talented. Maroon 5 & The Fray. My favorite bands. I don't like listening to rap anymore, it's not like it used to be, so I started gettging into this type of music, and I love it. I also want to buy their new cd, and i just heard their new single. I laughed when he said he had to shoot the guy dead. Maroon 5 is going to be one of the greats. Heck, they already are! 'I've been the needle and the thread, weaving figure 8's and circles round your head I try to laugh but cry instead patiently wait to hear the words you never said...'
  • Great band

    Maroon 5 in my opinion are one of the most original and talented bands around. The lead singer Adam Levine, is a very talented singer with a great voice.
    Maroon 5 have won a handfull of awards, one being a 'World Music Award' for Best New Group. Their first album 'Songs About Jane', released in 2002 had the brilliant songs, 'This Love', 'She will be loved' and 'Sunday Morning'. This album reached numberone in the charts.
    Five years later (2007) they have released their second album 'It Won't Be Soon Before Long', which also reached number one in the charts, and consists of the brilliant songs 'Makes Me wonder' and the most recently released 'Wake up Call'. Maroon have have made a great career in music so far and I they are still this good in the music buisiness in years to come.
  • one of the better bands of its time.

    maroon 5 is probably 1 of my top 10 bands. i dont believe they are the greatest out right now, but still very talented. their first album was great, and i also like "makes me wonder", despitethe fact that im against songs with explicit lyrics ( they didnt need to use the f word 3 times, and g-damn ). anyway, we got so many bands today, its kind of hardto stand out as one of the better bands. but maroon 5 is in the front of the line, behind a few others. i honestly think they are one of the most talented soft-rock/pop bands of this period in time.
  • my view is that maroon 5 are the most talented ,hard working band out at this present moment in time

    my view is that maroon 5 are the most talented ,hard working band out at this present moment in time,adam noah levine is the lead singer of the band ,he has done some things by himself with other successful artist like ying yang twins-live again and the most recent heard em say wid Kanye west.