Marsha Hunt

Marsha Hunt


10/17/1917, Chicago, Illinois

Birth Name

Marcia Virginia Hunt


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Marsha Hunt is an American actress whose career was cut short due to McCarthy era of the 1950s. Marsha was born on October 7, 1917 in Chicago, Illinois and went to the Irving School of Dramatics. She began her career as a singer and model, but soon would…more


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    I first saw Marsha Hunt on Star Trek The Next Generation. She Played Anne Jamison. Anne's husband died of a drug overdose in "Too Short A Season" They were both about 80, and were looking forward to retiring. But he made a mistake, and was sent to correct it, and also solved a battle between himself and Karnas. He succeeded, but he also died. As far as I know, the character was not mentioned after that.

    I looked up her name on the Star Trek website, and found out what she has starred in. I also saw that she has made some very recent appearances, and wondered why it seemed that nobody new about her here. There were no votes, and mine was the very first. And unfortuneately, I have not yet seen all that she has starred in.moreless