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  • Trivia

    • Marsha sings on Robbie Williams new album Rudebox.

    • Marsha's sign is Capricorn.

    • She went on to make her professional stage debut at London's renowned Royal Court Theatre.

    • She turned a hobby into a successful acting career by landing a procession of roles in a number of British television shows.

    • She began her acting career at age 12 when she joined the Oldham Theatre Workshop.

    • Marsha's height is 5'10".

    • She first came to prominence on British television in the series Playing The Field and Where The Heart Is, as well as in the first series of the BBC3 drama Burn It.

    • When she was shooting the movie Caffeine, she often had to get up at 3:30 a.m. to be on the set for 4:30.

    • In 2002 she was awarded Best Actress in Film at the BFM awards.

    • According to TV Guide's "Ask Ausiello," Marsha Thomason would not be back this season of Las Vegas (Season 3). Here's the news item from his column: "And although I can't say whether she'll be counted among the dead, Marsha Thomason will not be back.

      "She's not part of the cast anymore," confirms series creator Gary Scott Thompson. "She wanted to do some other things."

  • Quotes

    • Reporter: Was Eddie Murphy serious off camera?
      Marsha Thomason: Eddie and I laughed a lot but he is quiet and reserved. There is definitely a pressure for funny people to be funny. People want them to perform all the time. But we got on well.

    • Reporter: Do you believe in ghosts?
      Marsha Thomason: I have never seen a ghost. But yes I believe because I know too many people who have had experiences. When I lived in Notting Hill, I shared a flat with a mate who was convinced that there was a presence in our house.

    • Reporter: Is America now your home?
      Marsha: I have a house in London and a place in LA and I'm bouncing between the two. It's very nice because I fly first class now and that makes the world of difference.

    • Marsha: I find that casting in the US is very much a color coded system.

    • Marsha: A well known director wouldn't take the chance on casting me for an American role after he discovered that I was English.

    • Marsha: I enjoy the reaction I get in the USA when people discover I have an English accent. They don't expect that and it's kind of a kick.

    • Marsha: When I am on the plane and turbulence kicks in I can't abide it. I feel like we are all going to die and it takes everything in me to stay calm.

    • Reporter: Which actor/actress/performer did you have a childhood crush on?
      Marsha: Anybody that knows me could answer this, it's JT-Justin Timberlake, any day of the week!!

    • Reporter: What TV show from your childhood would you want to guest star on?
      Marsha: It would be fun to be a guest on Scrubs. I looove that show!!