Marshall Allman

Marshall Allman


4/5/1984, Austin, Texas, USA

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Marshall Allman, M Allman
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  • LJ Burrows!!! well well well. what can i say..?? he is a great actor and deserves a lot of credit for doing wat he does bst being super cool!!

    Marshall Allman"LJ Burrows"..!! hot name n hot personailty he deserves a lot of the credit for the show "prison break" to reach the big one!!..haha. well not all of the credit link n mike r hot and super great to. but LJ hottest name ever. he rlly did make the show have tones of personailty. !! luv him forever. I think that marshall is a grat success in doing what he does best being hot and acting of course..=]=] marshall is married and was born in texas. and guess how old he is?? only 23!! woop woop. girls its time to make a move..jks jks

    luv you marshall foreva =]moreless
  • A Good Actor

    Well LJ is the son of the killer of Lincoln Burrows or so that's what LJ thinks at first, LJ at first is sadned by his dad's infamous story so he takes out his frustration by getting caught with weed. Things seem to be getting bad for LJ but by getting a talk from his Dad things start to change, then his Mom dies, and Linc goes on the run to Veronica and she ends up dieing later on. LJ and his Dad finally meet up and then LJ tells his dad he wants to have a normal life. I think there will be more to come from LJ in Prison Break.moreless