Martha Stewart (II)

Martha Stewart (II)


8/3/1941, Nutley, New Jersey, USA

Birth Name

Martha Helen Kostyra



Also Known As

Martha Helen Kostyra Stewart
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Martha Stewart was born Martha Helen Kostyra on August 3, 1941, in Jersey City, New Jersey. She was the first daughter and second child of Eddie and Martha Kostyra, a pharmaceutical salesman and school teacher, respectively. The Kostyras were a middle class family of Polish heritage. The family…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • In 2011, Martha won 2 Emmy Awards for Outstanding Lifestyle Program and Outstanding Lifestyle/Culinary Host in her work on Martha.

    • In 2010, Martha won another Emmy Award for Outstanding Lifestyle Program in her work on Martha.

    • In 2005, Martha won another Emmy Award for Outstanding Service Show in her work on Martha Stewart Living.

    • In 2004, Martha won another Emmy Award for Outstanding Service Show in her work on Martha Stewart Living .

    • In 2003, Martha won 2 Emmy Awards for Outstanding Service Show Host and Outstanding Service Show in her work on Martha Stewart Living .

    • In 2002, Martha won another Emmy Award for Outstanding Service Show Host in her work on Martha Stewart Living.

    • In 2001, Martha won another Emmy Award for Outstanding Service Show in her work on Martha Stewart Living.

    • In 1997, Martha won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Service Show Host in her work on Martha Stewart Living.

    • In 1995, Martha won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Service Show Host in her work on Martha Stewart Living.

    • Martha's mother Martha Kostyra – who was known as Big Martha – died November 16, 2007 at age 93.

    • Martha will only refer to "making love" as "making love".

    • Instead of using a garbage disposal Martha uses the more environmentally-friendly compost heap.

    • Martha enjoys the television show Saturday Night Live.

    • Martha says she occasionally enjoys chocolate but would definitely not label herself as a "chocoholic."

    • Martha made a Christmas wreath for the Clintons for the White House while Bill was still in office.

    • As of 2006, Martha is feuding with another cooking diva, Rachael Ray. Rachael reportedly has a sign outside her door that reads: "Martha doesn't live here."

    • Martha married Andrew Stewart on March 23, 1961. They had their one daughter Alexis 'Lexi' Gilbert Stewart on September 27, 1965. They divorced during 1990.

    • According to Kevin Shackey, Martha has an extremely impressive collection of taxidermied animals.

    • Martha helped set the Guiness World Record for most number of people with the same name in the same room when she invited hundreds of women named Martha Stewart to come to her show Martha.

    • Martha is on the list for the National Enquirer's "Worst Celebrity Beach Bodies of 2006".

    • Martha's favorite martini is a vodka martini.

    • A spokesman for Martha Stewart Living Inc. says the company will design a line of upscale home merchandise for Federated Department Stores, Inc., operator of the Macy's and Bloomingdale's chains, set to roll out next year in Macy's stores across the country.

    • Martha has videotaped a public service message for PETA describing fur industry practices as cruel.

    • In 2004, the animal rights group PETA put Martha Stewart at the top of its "Worst Dressed" list for wearing what appeared to be a fur scarf while leaving a federal courthouse. The fur, however, turned out to be fake.

    • Martha was regularly parodied on Saturday Night Live. She was mainly portrayed by Ana Gasteyer who has also been a guest on The Martha Show.

    • In May 1998, Martha Stewart Living Television received the 1998 James Beard Foundation Award for the Best National Cooking Segment.

    • Martha has several favorite perfumes. She often wears Fracas by Robert Piguet and Flowers by Antonia.

    • Martha adores her household full of pets. She has four chow chow dogs (Zu-zu, Paw-Paw, Chin Chin, and Empress Wu) and seven Himalayan cats (Teeny, Weeny, Mozart, Vivaldi, Verdi, Berlioz, and Bartok.

    • According to Yahoo TV, Martha Stewart earned $500,000 for her work The Apprentice: Martha Stewart.

    • Martha isfounder of seven magazines. Martha Stewart Living, Martha Stewart Weddings, Everyday Food, Whole Living Body and Soul, Blueprint, Martha Stewart Kids ,and Martha Stewart Baby. Due to low sales Kids was discontinued in Spring 2006 and Baby was discontinued in Spring 2003.

    • In 2005, Martha was named one of the 100 most influential men or women of the year by TIME magazine.

    • In 2000, Vanity Fair ranked Martha Stewart at #42 in its list of the top 50 leaders of the Information Age.

    • Martha has been named four times to Fortune magazine's "50 Most Powerful Women" list.

    • Martha's television shows have earned thirteen daytime Emmy awards.

    • Martha has been the subject of two made for telvision biopics. The first was Martha Inc.: The Story of Martha Stewart. The second was Martha Behind Bars. Both movies starred Cybill Shepherd as Martha.

    • Martha is an avid reader and has been since childhood.

    • As a child, Martha had plans to become a teacher.

    • Martha's mother is also named Martha.

    • As for Martha's many talents, her father taught her gardening; her mother taught her how to cook, bake and sew, and her next door neighbors (retired bakers) taught her how to bake pies and cakes.

    • In Time magazine, Martha said her career started in grade school, where she organized and catered neighborhood birthday parties. She said that the 50-cent-an-hour babysitting job did not cut it.

    • Actress Jennifer Garner is a big fan of hers.

    • NBC dropped her show Martha Stewart Living when she got the guilty verdict, then hired her back for Martha Stewart's Apprentice and later for The Martha Stewart Show.

    • In March 2004, Martha was convicted on four felony charges: conspiracy to obstruct justice, make false statements, and commit perjury; false statements (2 counts); and obstruction of justice, all stemming from her sale of ImClone stock. Wishing to put the ordeal behind her, Martha chose to forego an appeal and serve her time in federal prison so she could put it all behind her and get on with her life.

    • One of Martha's earlier careers included work as a stockbroker.

    • Martha sleeps only four hours a night and with the lights on so when she wakes up, she can get right to work.

    • Martha used to work as a model, and she used the money earned to pay for her college tuition.

    • Martha graduated from Nutley High School. In a version of the school paper that year, she had already begun her modeling career and hoped to enter the field of broadcast journalism.

    • Martha is the second of six children of her Polish immigrant parents.

    • Martha Stewart took her company public on October 19, 1999.

    • Martha was named one of Glamour magazine's "Best Dressed College Girls of 1961."

    • One of the first female stockbrokers (at Perlberg, Monness, Williams and Sidel) on Wall Street, Martha got her license on August 14, 1968.

    • Martha graduated from Barnard College.

    • Martha Stewart was named one of People magazine's "50 Most Beautiful People in the World" in 1996.

  • Quotes

    • Martha: All colors are sort of connected with one another.

    • Martha: (on the home) It's a sense of security, a sense of being able to relax within the confines of your own world. Have your own world. That's what I'm about. Having some place to think, to do, to make, to enjoy.

    • Martha Stewart: Cry and you're out of here. Women in business don't cry, my dear.

    • Martha: It's a good thing.

    • Martha: It wasn't pierogi, I'm sad to say. Instead, I cooked up a batch of scrambled eggs and cottage cheese for my doggies. (Martha on what her first meal home from prison was)

    • Martha: Every good cook deserves a copper pot.

    • Martha Stewart: I'm always on the lookout for those good, simple solutions to everyday problems.

    • Martha Stewart: (On "Apprentice" winner Dawna Stone) We can always use someone with your business acumen.

    • Martha: (about her house) Every door says 'Remove Your Shoes.' I've got a whole box of those little socklets that have rubber on the bottom.

  • She is such a FAKE!!

    This lady is such fake women with her little baby voice on her show!!!! Acting so nice and caring please your are just such a fake!!! Why anyone likes her I don't know why? She does not have a real persnality its just all fake. She talks like a baby! Their was this one time I seen on TV Lindsay Lohan was on that show and, I don't like Lohan at all but Martha kept saying your just a party girl you drink alot. Or whatever! And so what if it is true you don't see poeple going on your show say how was jail!!! You old baby!!moreless
  • It's a good thing

    I've been following Martha Stewart since the early 1990's, I see her as a very sexy woman. she's smart, brilliant, rich and above all she's gorgeous. she might be in her 60's, but she still gorgeous. I'm in love with her. I wrote a few letter of support of Stewart. Even she was in jail briefly, I haven't lost support of her. My heart's belongs to Martha. she one of a kind woman. She's been from one show to another and she getting better by each and every show she's done. Like I said before, she's one of a kind gorgeous woman.moreless