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  • She is such a FAKE!!

    This lady is such fake women with her little baby voice on her show!!!! Acting so nice and caring please your are just such a fake!!! Why anyone likes her I don't know why? She does not have a real persnality its just all fake. She talks like a baby! Their was this one time I seen on TV Lindsay Lohan was on that show and, I don't like Lohan at all but Martha kept saying your just a party girl you drink alot. Or whatever! And so what if it is true you don't see poeple going on your show say how was jail!!! You old baby!!
  • It's a good thing

    I've been following Martha Stewart since the early 1990's, I see her as a very sexy woman. she's smart, brilliant, rich and above all she's gorgeous. she might be in her 60's, but she still gorgeous. I'm in love with her. I wrote a few letter of support of Stewart. Even she was in jail briefly, I haven't lost support of her. My heart's belongs to Martha. she one of a kind woman. She's been from one show to another and she getting better by each and every show she's done. Like I said before, she's one of a kind gorgeous woman.
  • ok... heres the truth

    ok i never really knew martha stewart before she was arrested!!! hahhahahha! im not from the states... but sheesh who gives a show to a person who got arrested in the past i mean come on... anyway about her show... its ok... its not that bad... i watch it when theres nothing good on...
  • Martha Stewart is the american dream.

    What can I say about Martha? You either want to spill out her guts over route 24 and ride over them or you want to bow down to her greatness. I'm for the second one. I know I shouldn't liked her but I can't get enough of her. Everything she's associated with I love. My new fix is her show Martha. What great guests she gets for being an under-the-rader talk show. I read her magazine every chance I get. I watched every episode of it's 13 episode run. In short I am a huge major fan. Of course I can't write this review without noting the negativity. Going to jail (if I ever go to jail I want to go to Camp Cupcake and her cell). I see how people can see her as pompus and I get that but I still feel differently. I always wanted to write to her but while her talk show Martha is on she is so busy she will not have time too write so when her popularity dies down (which I hope it never does) I will write her. People who know me well say I have a crush on her but that isn't for your ears. lol. If anyone knows her address can you please send it to me in mail? That would be really appriciated.
  • An American Icon

    Love her or hate her, there's no denying that Martha Stewart has made her name a household word. She's been parodied on Saturday Night Live and served prison time that she might have overturned on appeal, and still the diva is going stronger than ever. From numerous television shows, books, specials, and DVDs to her own mega-Martha marketing empire, Stewart has become the Queen of Domesticity, able to advise on everything from folding clothes to bulb planting to preparing a holiday feast. Though now there may be an army of employees behind the maven's madness, there's no doubt that Martha began it all through her own hard work, sweat, and sacrifice.
  • Christopher Lowell is a million times better!

    I respect the fact that Martha is a self made millionaire. She in some ways could be a good role model for younger women looking to get in to the business world, but other than that I really don't care for her. She comes off rather smarmy and rude. When she's nice, it comes off rather fake and very insincere.

    Overall, I doubt I will ever watch her again.
  • I can't believe I still like her!

    I still can't believe I still like her... Anyway, she somewhat at least admits she does wrong. I'm just glad she's on the air again doing crafts! Heck, my scrapbook is out! I think she can bring back her reputaion somehow. I think now she is also doing great on The Apprentice:Martha Stewart. GO MARTHA!
  • Brings ‘smug’ to a new level.

    Martha Stewart is an extraordinarily pompous, pretentious and arrogant individual. That is the one thing that comes through clearly in any of her public appearances. She has the unique ability to talk down to people and treat them like dirt, yet they thank her for it and come back for more. Her success in various media should not be attributed as much to her somewhat odd sense of ‘taste’, but should be attributed to the strange desire for weak minded people to have someone talk down to them. Knowledge of this, along with some convenient insider trading is what made Martha Stewart the business success she is today.

    Soon we will see her trying to out-smug Donald Trump in a set of dueling “Apprentice” shows. The Donald at least appears to have been taking personality lessons and is able to poke fun at his public image. The Martha needs some kind of personality help. Maybe “The Apprentice” will show her to be a bit more human, if not, it will fail badly. If Martha fails, that’s a good thing. A little failure would help round out her thin personality.